Idiomatic Neologisms

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It's some newly created Idiomatic Neologisms

Submitted: April 15, 2019

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Submitted: April 15, 2019




Daffodilization means an experience of Ecstasy, Angst and Catharsis. When I was on the bed doing poetry, I underwent a Daffodilization.


Armageddonize means to undergo a traumatic experience. Look here don’t Armageddonize me. When doctors wrote my son off, I experienced an Armageddonization.

Gorgonize means to brutally assassinate a person. Mahatma Gandhi was gorgonized by Nathuram Godse.


Biblification is taking the literal meaning of z text and applying it to life. Biblification does not take the context into consideration. I have biblified the 23rd Psalm. 

Golgothafication (Place of Skulls)

 Golgothafication refers to Glorification of the Intellect. Nietzsche’s texts pride in man and are a Golgothafication.

Crown of Thorns means being troubled. Sometimes Pessimism crops into me and I become a Crown of Thorns.

Messiah means starting anew. I have made my life a Messiah by being close to Christ.


 Medusaization means having a bad dream. Some nights a Medusaization occurs to me.

 Rock with Music

Rock with Music means to have gala time. I would to rock with music. Rock with Music makes the mind happy.


Pleasantization is the appreciation of literary texts. When I read into postmodernism I experience a Pleasantization.


Emotionalize is verb meaning thinking, feeling and willing with emotions.  Emotionalizing your feelings is a good thing.


Rabidization means to loud mouth and spread ill-will  all the time. A civilized human being will not indulge in Rabidization.

Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth means to shout happily in joy. Lord give me occasions to become Jesus of Nazareth.

Lewis Carrolization

Lewis Carrolization means to turn a hopeless situation of life into one of merit.  You have to carrolize your dreams and aspirations.

Armor of God

Armor of God means being in a comfort zone of life. All people of the world aspire for being the Armor of God.

Shield of Righteousness

Shield of Righteousness means to live a life with purity. A Christian should be a shield of righteousness.

Tear a Tear

Tear a Tear means recovering from a bad emotional situation. Sometimes in my life I encounter: Tear a Tear.

Deck of Cards

Deck Cards means having an advantageous situation in one’s hands. It is good to have a deck of cards with you.

Coffin and Corpse

Coffin and Corpse means being dead to emotion and passion. Sometimes I am a coffin and corpse.

Plateau and Plain

Plateau and Plain are the highs and lows experienced by the person. Sometimes I experience plains and plateaus in my life.


Websency (web and decency) means being decent on the web. All Netizens should inculcate a websensy.

Merry Old Carrol

Merry Old Carrol means being boozed. My pa is a merry old carrol.

On The Rocks

On the Rocks means being highly libidinal. He is always on the Rocks.


Hallelujah is an exclamation meaning peace prosperity and well being. Lord Hallelujah my life for me.

Devil is a nailed Coffin

Devil a nailed coffin means having victory and advantage over your enemy. I have nailed the Devil in the Coffin.

Mustard Seed of Faith

Mustard Seed of faith as an idiom means getting one’s wishes fulfilled. Yes, Jehovah, I have faith as mustard seed.

Holy Ghost

Holy Ghost is an utterance of devotion. Yes, Holy Ghost sanctify me.


Vacuumization means purging the mind of negative thoughts. Our minds should be one of Vacuumization.

Seed and Fruit

Seed and fruit are idioms for desire and realization. We should embrace seed and fruit with a positive frame of mind. 

Poetic Music

Poetic music means a life of bliss and joy. May your life be one of poetic music.

Meditate the Psalm

Meditate the psalm means to think over a matter deeply. I am meditating the psalm.

Being Colored

Being Colored means, to talk Indian English eloquently. Sashi Taroor is being colored.

Soul Deep

Soul deep means being passionate. He is soul deep with his lover.

Water to the Brim

Water to the Brim means getting release from a problematic situation. The court’s verdict of acquittal was one of water to the brim.

Peacock’s Feathers

Peacock’s Feathers meaning being fashionably dressed for an occasion. For the marriage I wore a peacock’s feathers.

Jazz and Blues

Jazz and Blues means being passionate and happy. Life has to be a Jazz and Blues.


Abyss means having a shallow mind. Don’t make your mind into an abyss.

Penny in the Purse

Penny in the purse means being affluent. I hope to have a penny in my purse.



Christianization means to celebrate one’s life in Christ. I am happy that I am Christianizeing my life in Christ.

Cucumber City

Cucumber city means an event not likely to happen. Lord Jehovah Jesus don’t make my winning a windfall into a Cucumber city.

Pen of many fonts

A Pen of many fonts means having multiple personalities. A pen of many fonts is a psychological illness.

A Memorable Post Card

A Memorable post card is loving letter written to a lover.  I have written many memorable postcards.


Chip means an idea brewing in the head.  An author has to have many chips.

Being Plato

Being Plato means to be Philosophical in one’s thinking. It’s difficult to be a Plato. ST Paul was a Christian Plato.


Circumcision means harboring negative thoughts in one’s mind. It is not good to have a circumcision in one’s mind.  

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