An Untold Slave Story

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I always wondered did slave masters ever rape male slaves. This a story of the way I think it would have happened.

Submitted: April 30, 2013

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Submitted: April 30, 2013



Jethro Caldwell was a wealthy man. He owned the largest plantation in Savannah County, Georgia, with acres of land full with crops of valuable cotton .  He was married to arguably the most beautiful English woman. So beautiful  that princes and other royal men asked for her hand in marriage, but she loved Jethro and married him. He was the father of two bright, and handsome children. A girl age 6 who loved and adored her father, and a boy age 11 who respected and idolized his father. Although he had much more wealth than his fellow friends and neighbors, he was not hated. He was not hated because he was never stingy with anything he had. If ever anyone needed help he gave them whatever they needed without hesitation. He had earned a reputation for being decent and righteous man  and all his peers and fellow neighbors loved and respected him. Lastly Jethro owned the largest number of slaves than any plantation around him. With his slaves he was tough , but not unnecessarily cruel nor did he allow his overseers to whip and beat the slaves to hard. Also, Jethro never raped any of his female slaves, (which was odd). The slaves hated him because he was their oppressor  and owned them like items, but could see he tried to do right by them , but could not help but hate him because he enslaved them. Still with all this Jethro felt discontent, and lacking. At night when he went to bed his young (horny) wife would try to engage him and make him happy , but it was no use. He would always come up with some excuse to why he did not have the energy to be intimate with her , which meant that he was not going to sleep that night. He would turn on his side and stare at the night sky outside his window as his wife angrily and frustratingly tossed and turn most of the night until she dosed off into an angry sleep . When she went to sleep he just stayed up and wondered what was wrong with him until he fell asleep just an hour before he had to get up.


The next day Jethro got up and got ready to go into town for the slave auction they were going to have there. Two days before had received a handbill for the slave auction from one of his overseers. The overseer reminded Jethro that two of his "bucks" were dead that they were going to use to "breed" with two of "wenches" that had just become of age. The two men were killed by one of the overseers for supposedly looking the wife of a man who was visiting  in the eye. They burned them alive in front of all the other slaves as a message. With the two men dead, work had fallen behind, and they needed at least 4 more new male slaves and another female slave to help in the kitchen, the overseer claimed.Really, the overseer wanted a new "girlfriend" to rape. Either way Jethro would need the extra slaves . He wanted to try planting other crops in this new land he bought and would need a few more slaves to test it out. Jethro called for his wife to say good bye, but she didn't come. His kids ran up to him and hugged him and said goodbye and he was off to the slave trade.


When he arrived at the auction he heard the auction had already begun. On the auction block  now was an attractive looking African girl straight off the boat from Africa. She looked scared as the disgusting men in the front row ogled her . Two men in the front row were trying to figure out how high they were willing to bid on her. When the bidding began. The price was usually high for a female slave, but because of her good condition and they paraded her out there naked so the perverted men could see her large breasts she would be sold for a high price.  The two men who were discussing how much to bid, almost won when a pinkish, pot-bellied old man in a powdered wig came forth and offered twice what they had bid. The man was Nathan Masters, the most disgusting and hated man in all the county. He mostly bought female slaves  to become his sex slaves. His plantation was full of female slaves and bi-racial children, but his perversion did not stop there. Even knowing that the children were brother and sister he made them breed with each other in front of him to fulfill his sick desires. Everyone knew of him and his ways and were disgusted by him and made him an outcast. He was so sick that his wife got a divorce and took their children . Usually divorces were not granted but in their case they let the divorce go through.Nathan began bidding and outbidding everyone . Another man who absolutely despised Nathan outbid him even though he was not even there to bid for a female slave, but Nathan bid him down. The price was now at 220 pounds when the auctioneer began to end the bid when Jethro jumped up and bid 250 pounds. The group of men turned around and stared at Jethro with a smile. They were very happy about Jethro buying the girl. They knew from his overseers he did not sleep with his female slaves and also that after awhile they could make deal with him to buy the girl.The men turned around and waited for the auction to end as Nathan stood scowling at Jethro.Jethro hated Nathan just like everyone else and enjoyed finding ways to make him miserable. Finally the gable slammed and the auctioneer said , "SOLD To Mr. Caldwell , very good purchase sir!" The men in the crowd were gentleman(they felt)but it took everything in them to not jump for joy . Nathan who had turned from pink to red stormed up Jethro and said"Just you wait I'm going to get you back for this!" As he stormed off the the cells where they  were holding the other females slaves the men laughed at him .


The auction continued and Jethro had bought the brother of the slave girl he purchased. Not because he cared about splitting them up but because he always liked buying things in sets. Also he had bought a little slave boy for his kids to play with until his was old enough to work in the fields, and little slave girl for his wife to train to be her and her daughters personal slave.He bought them for 25 pounds each so he was no where near done spending. Next he bought a young man slave who looked about 19 and another slave male who looked like he was in his late 20's early 30's. Jethro was just about to leave to claim his slaves, when they started the next auction. He wasn't going to buy anymore slaves, but he just wanted to see who would get what slaves, because its was entertaining to him. When the man pulled the slave on the block Jethro's heart began beating really fast and he started feeling things he never had before. The slave was a mulatto young man sold off from his family in Mississippi to pay off his owners debt. Jethro looked every line on the young mans body. Without even noticing it he pushed though the front of the crowd close to the action block. They started the bidding kind of low on him because he wasn't exactly the pick of group. He was not muscular , he was the house "nigger" at his previous location. None of the men were rushing to buy him. One or two would barely put there hand up to place a bid for him and most of the other men had walked away to claim their other slaves, but Jethro didn't move he stayed there and stared at the man . Finally he heard "95 going once, going twice" when raise his hand and the auctioneer said "100, 100 going once twice sold! To Mr. Caldwell from Savannah County! After that the auction had died down and they had sold all the slaves they were going to sell so they were wrapping things up. The man over the auction had the slaves Jethro had purchased chained up and ready to go. "Here you are sir, your cargo all ready to go ." The mans people led the slaves into the back of his wagon. Jethro had been so busy trying to stare at the mulatto slave out of the corner of his eye that he didn't notice the man talking to him asking him how was he going to pay. He snapped out of it went over the financial transactions.

Jethro arrived home at almost sunset. His overseers were trying to get the slaves to move faster to finish some tasks before sundown. One of the overseers saw Jethro pull up and looked over the slaves. When the overseer saw the slave girl with large breasts his perverted eyes widened and he was almost drooling at the mouth. Jethro saw this and cleared his throat loudly to snap his overseer out of his trance. “Listen get these slaves unchained and fed so they can be ready for work tomorrow.” The overseer barely taking his eyes off the female slave said yes sir and led them to the slave quarters. As the overseer took them away Jethro took one one last look at at the mulatto slave and walked toward his house to check on his wife. When he got to the porch he saw all the house slaves outside doing chores, He asked them why were they outside and they told him that the missus told them to get out. Jethro had a bad feeling as he walked into the house.

Jethro climbed the stairs quietly and slowly. By the time he got to the top of the stairs he heard strange noises. Still quiet he went to his bedroom door where the noise seemed to be coming from. Jethro's heart was racing so fast he felt like he was going to faint as he put his on the doorknob, and turned. .Slowly he opened the door to see one of his male slaves sexually ravaging his wife as she screamed with pleasure . They were so loud an so into it that they did not even hear him opening the door. He closed the door and walked of the house in a daze. When he got outside he ordered one if his females slaves to bring out his brandy. He sat on the porch and drank it till the bottle was empty and asked his slaves to get him more. Finally his overseer came back and saw him and figured something was wrong.”Boss whats wrong?” Jethro's eyes were red and filled pain and anger replied “The first nigger to come out of that house , whip him, hang, him and burn him alive .” The overseer looked him confused, he never knew Jethro to be a cruel man like this , but he did not say anything and nodded his head.


Five minutes after he said that a very tall muscular slave came out the house covered in sweat with a scared look on his face as he saw Jethro and the overseer on the porch.The overseer and a few other men grabbed and dragged him to the nearest tree. The other slaves looked on in horror as they began stripping and whipping the slave. The slave screamed with all his might ”Massa ! What have I done!” over and over, but Jethro sat their emotionless as they continued to whip his flesh off. When they began tying the rope to hang the man ,Jethro's wife came down with tears in her eyes . Jethro looked at her fake tears and an angry smile crossed his face.In hopes of trying to redeem herself she fell to her knees and grabbed his hand claimming the slave raped her. Jethro snatched his hand away an picked her up off her knees and made her stand up. When she was on her feet he ordered her to open her eyes and watch as they set the slave on fire why he was still kicking and gasping for air. Everything about this torture was sick . The loud noises he made when he began choking and feeling him self catch on fire was inhuman. The smell that came of his burning flesh was vile. The slaves stood there crying and in total fear. The overseer and his men even felt bad for what they had done, Jethro's wife fell to her knees and sobbed. Jethro stood emotionless watching the flames burn on the pile that was the slave. When the fire went out Jethro dragged his wife to the ashes and threw her in them and screamed”Now you can keep him all over you!” He left her there sobbing as he went to the slave quarters.


When Jethro got tot he slave quarters he heard screaming when he looked in the shack where the screaming was coming from he saw the big breasted slave being gang raped by a group of white men from other plantations. Usually he would stop the sick practice, but tonight he had a few things he wanted to do himself. Jethro searched until he finally got to the cabin of the mulatto male.The mulatto slaved jumped up when he saw Jethro standing in his doorway . Drunk Jethro felt an amplified attraction to him .Finally after staring at him a while he spoke. “What your name boy? What they call you where you came from? ” “Thomas.” Jethro began undressing and Thomas looked at Jethro confused. “Well Thomas i'm welcoming you home.” Thomas put up a fight but his body without single muscle was to weak to fight the gay orgy that would be performed on him. Jethro did every act on him he could think of. He never in his life felt so sexually satified. After he was done Jethro got off of him and got dressed. Thomas was in a daze and did not move. Jethro rubbed his back and told him he would see him later own.


After leaving Thomas cabin without being detected, Jethro felt great and began ordering his overseers what to do. They were looking for the mulatto slave to help but Jethro told them he would handle him personally. Weeks passed and Jethro continued to rape Thomas. A few months later it was found out that Jethro's wife was pregnant. Being Catholic they were against abortion so he forced her to have the baby as a constant reminder of her disgrace. Eventually Jethro practically moved into Thomas' cabin and made him turn into his personal sex slave. This went on for a while until one day Thomas was acting more out his head than usual and got very sick. Jethro was not paying attention and went on with his day . When Jethro got back that day he found Thomas with a knife in his stomach dead. Jethro knelt down beside him and wept. On the day they buried him Jethro gave him one of the best funerals he ever gave any one of his slaves.After the funeral Jethro sat at his grave for hours and continued every single day . Sometimes he would sit for hours , sometimes until sunset. But he sat there everyday until one day while sitting there he was sitting there he was shot by an unknown gunman. He died shortly after from infection, and one of his last request was to be buried by Thomas. His wife who he left no money was destitute after his death, and sold all his slaves and land to his most hated enemy Nathan Masters . Jethro's wife took the kids and moved to a far away place to run from her disgrace and to find a place that would accept a woman with mulatto baby and two other children. When Jethro's wife moved our Nathan Masters moved into the house he always coveted. He ordered the big breasted slave be sent to his room and he raped her in front of a group of slaves outside in front of everyone. When he was done he had the male slaves whipped and beaten for no reason but his amusement. After he was done he took a nap in his room. When he woke up he really needed to use the bathroom. . He was about to use the chamber pot when he got an evil idea. He walked to the grave of Jethro Caldwell and began urinating on his grave. When he was done he laughed really loud and said”I told you I'd get you back !” Nathan pulled out the gun that killed Jethro and shot into the air until it was out of bullets and basked in his victory the rest if his sick evil days.

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