If suicide was easy

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Before bed thoughts..........

Submitted: December 14, 2015

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Submitted: December 14, 2015



If suicide was easy I'd already be dead

With bloody wrist , choke wounds, and bullet holes in my head

That's how they'd find me this morning in bed

Everything covered in dry red 


If suicide was easy I'd be so glad to be free

free form the demons and sins that haunt me

and most of all free from the screams and voices in my head

that constantly remind me of my inferiority


If suicide was easy how glad I'd be to die

maybe my soul can feel something

because my fleshly coffin/body can't feel things right or even cry

More and more I feel this world would be better if I just said goodbye


If suicide was easy, if only it were easy

I 'm so alone and isolated and I try to hide behind a smile

But that only conceals my awkwardness for a short while

No matter what I do I'm completely lost

If one person in this world can really help me or love me

I'd give them anything no matter the cost


If suicide was easy , and there was the knife ,

and I had to contemplate ,

What's meaning of living in this life ?

I'd slide the sharp end across my neck,

for I've only seen all the loveless horrors and bleak futures

they keep up all night

 I'd elect to end present and future strife .






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