Survived a love potion

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A young man who has the misfortune of having a crush , has to go through a lot to survive . Based on a true experience that I've had .

Jeff  was sitting in class waiting for the clock strike one more minute so he can be through with this torturous college algebra class. It was his first year of college and Jeff was failing at everything. The last class had was a computer class he was also failing in the only good news was he didn't have to do any work in the class. The class was a work at your own pace class and since he was failing anyway he didn't bother to try to do any work , most time he would just surf the web till the class was over. After his algebra class dismissed , Jeff ran to the computer lab where his computer lab was held. He liked getting the early so he could be by himself , for a few minutes and just lay his head on the desk and sleep.

A few minutes later other students arrived and Jeff raised his head and pretended to to work. He was so far behind in the class he couldn't even catch up if he wanted to, and his instructor really wasn't a caring teacher so he continuously failed and no one helped him. When the other students came in the classroom became noisy with the sound of people conversing to each other. Jeff hated this ,on top it being annoying to him, he never had any friends to talk to himself , which always made him depressed. On top of that it seemed like people always did everything in their power to avoid him. Until the class ran out places to sit no one sat next to him. A girl and her friend sat next to him for awhile, but during the mid begining  part of the semester people dropped classes and classes started getting smaller which meant more seats . When other seats were available they started sitting elsewhere that left Jeff alone on an island of friendless desertion. 


By the mid part of early mid part of the semester Jeff had begun to get used to his lone island. At tables desk with 3 computers he had  that whole row to himself. Watching people around him interact and help each other did make him depressed still , he had gotten used to being a social outcast, even though he didn't understand it. There was nothing wrong with him on the outside,but he always felt people stayed away from him because they could see what he thought  or felt on the inside. Then one day the instructor gave an assignment that required a group . Everyone paired off in their own cliques but there was no one for Jeff. Jeff tried to join in with a group of people he thought might accept but they quickly turned him down , and told him they had enough people, and so did the other groups. Seeing as he was already failing, and was going to fail the assignment anyway Jeff just left out the class and went home.


The next morning Jeff debated whether to go to class or not. What was the point ?He was going to fail either way, why put himself out there in the freezing cold to catch 2 buses to get there to hear in person you're going to fail? He would've stayed home but he remembered that he might get in trouble with financial aid for missing to many days, he was sure he was already on academic probation, and didn't need more problems. an hour later Jeff arrived at the college. He already missed a class and decided to hang out in the computer lab till it was time to start. As usual the class filled up a few minutes later , and everyone took their seats around Jeffs deserted island. After class started an old woman entered the class and spoke to the instructor. After she was done she came in and since there were no other seats available sat next to Jeff. When she sat next to Jeff she looked at him smiled and stared at him for a second. This made Jeff uncomfortable. the old woman seemed normal but something in his gut made him feel uneasy about her. Jeff never let his guard down.


Over the next few weeks the old woman started behaving strangely towards Jeff. First it would just start with her just staring and smiling at him , but then she started moving closer to him and started leaning all on his side of the desk. Jeff wanted to move but 1. he felt something holding him there, and 2. he didn't want to seem rude, a mistake that almost cost him his life. Then she began watching everything he did and asking questions about what he was doing, always smiling. She had a smile that showed all her teeth that made Jeff feel uneasy. After a couple of days Jeff started feeling weak,and confused. On top of that his skin was like burning and itching, and had something on the back of his throat choking him. One day in class Jeff became very sleepy and passed out. When he woke up she over him leering down at him with her same grin. Scared Jeff ran out of the class and went home. That night he became severely ill.  His skin felt like it was being stung by a 1000 wasps at once and he felt like something was something was choking him from the inside. Three times he had stopped breathing before he decided to call someone to take him to the hospital.


After arriving at the hospital Jeff started coughing as if his throat was closing up. After they had stabilized him, the hospital kept him there for three days and found nothing . When they released him Jeff was no better. The night Jeff was released he fell into psychotic hallucinations, and finally sadistic nightmares. The nightmares was filled with sexual dark demons raping and killing humans and weak demons. After the demon devoured or did whatever to their victims they would smear the blood over themselves,and write satanic symbols on the floors and walls with what was left. Angels would fall down from the sky hit the ground and there body would burst in flames as they screamed in agony. Some demons would smear the ashes over themselves and grow wings and continue the murdering and raping. The nightmare went on for what seemed like forever.


Jeff woke up in extreme pain and to the sound of someone sobbing talking on the phone. It was Jeff's mother calling people scared to death because Jeff was asleep for like a week. His mother came in to check on him , and when she saw him awake she ran over to him and thanked God he was alive. 


After searching around Jeffs mother found a woman who specialized in removing roots/witchcraft related sicknesses.  After the woman saw Jeff she could see he had an almost deadly allergic reaction to a love potion. It would take weeks of drinking a concotion of herbal teas that would remove the poison that the love potion contained out of his body. It succeeded but  it came with a bad side effect. To get the toxins out of his system it had to removed the infected skin cells which caused his skin to painfully peel.  He suffered for months with his flesh falling off his body, until one day he was finally healed. Looking back at what happened Jeff wondered is this how all women try to get men?


Submitted: February 06, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Psychosis The Fallen. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

Thu, February 7th, 2013 1:35pm

Criss Sole

This was an interesting story. I can relate to the college experience all too well.
I thought it was a good read. Kept me interested.

Thu, February 7th, 2013 1:38pm


Thankyou, college is tough your first time , but to go through that , at the same time if hard. thanks for reading :)

Thu, February 7th, 2013 5:41am

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