Worse than depression

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An emotion i don't know the name of . some of this poem will rhyme and some of it won't .

Submitted: March 20, 2013

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Submitted: March 20, 2013



From the moment I awake

Until the second my eyes finally close to sleep

this strange emotion

falls on top of me like a heavy heap

it never leaves

it always stays

turns all my happy moments into bad days


This emotion has no sadness

but its wrought with pain

it warps your appearance

and destroys the sanity of your present brain

 no one can comprehend , or understand

how how hard this is to explain.


The feeling has no anger

but its full of outrage !

its like being a wild animal

caught in a weaker predators cage

longing to free to be heard and respected

worse than finding out you dream is not what you expected


This state of consciousness has no expression

but its clearly seen on your face

people wonder why you're sad or angry

when really on the inside you feel blank .

Something inside you is missing

and your soul feels it to

you 're walking around lost in a fog

hoping someone finds you


But know ever sees

or cares to stop help

you die and live in a slow and miserable existence

a casket called yourself.


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