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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short and sweet surreal mystery time story.

Submitted: April 28, 2012

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Submitted: April 28, 2012




July 17 1947 The End Of Time 


(Booooooooooooom) “A resonance wave exploded 26 miles due east of White sands military base Nevada the shock wave sent a roaring shudder for a whole 200 kilometres in all directions from the epicentre the, the impact was such a strange phenomena as there was no impact flash associated with meteor impacts yet 12 minutes after the shock wave a mass of military vehicles planes and personnel were swarming the entire district and cordoning off the the whole desert area even tourist were prohibited from entering or leaving Las Vegas I now call this day The End Of Time (which you will gather by the end of my tale is the absolute fact).”

July 17 2012 The Start Of My Path To Coppelix Corp

I am 40 years of age sitting at a keyboard contemplating the end all that time ago 1947 good heavens is it going take this long 4,457 years life span, all that just to die here, oh and not only once everyday forever all because I folded back then forth then back then forth, you get I mean well you will do soon enough.

“you okay Jason”

“I am Sammy just wondering about the project will she damn well fire in time”

“well you know better than me JJ quantum engineering is not my cup of Joe I prefer been a pilot you know that”

(tut with a sigh)

“yeh but I worries someone in unit 45 is telling shit about Nevada again and I feel S.E.C.O.R don't lie about leaks not like these”

“ah the S can go and kiss my E.C.O.R ass they always lie it's their job”

(knock,knock,knock very fast on the door)

“It's time JJ she ready”

“thanks Pete.”

This conversation that I just told you was all very obscure then but now one hour before I die here in 1947 Nevada talking to you at the same time as I am here in England typing in 2012 wish I wasn't here know how and why I die.


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