Night Before Christmas

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

night before christmas, hip hop, bad language






Twas the night before Christmas and all 'round the doom,

not a creature was stirring, there wasn't no room.

Weave was thrown all over the place,

one hell of a party, we all got shit faced.

The niglets were sleeping, 9 to a bed,

they looked so innocent with those nappy heads.

Me in my dashiki, my boo tied up her wrap,

got into bed so i could mack my rap.

Suddenly, outside I heard a loud noise,

mess with my rims, I'm gonna shoot those boys.

I leaped to the window, what the hell did I see there,

a F150 with 8 drunk reindeer.

A fat-ass man got out of the cab -

seriously, could it be, is that my dad?

Just then i realized as I stared at the snow,

this is Video Vines and I'm on the show!

Just then he looked up and said "what's up Bro",

"its me Santa Claus, damn, don't you know?"

He reached in the truck and pulled out a sack,

yelling at me "get back to the bed jack!

I did as was told, and got under the cover,

looking out the window I saw the truck hover.

Next thing I know, its up on my roof,

him and the reindeer, and their big hoofs.

The tunes were blasting, playin' hits that were hot,

in this hood with that noise, we all could get shot.

He sprung down the chimney, it was really slick,

or is he a robber and this is a trick?













I snuck down the stairs, to get just a peek,

the weed I smoked earlier was starting to reek.

He had a big bag, stuffed to the top,

for that I was glad, I had no ends to shop.

He pulled goodies, for me and my girl,

when she sees i will get the swirl!

When he was done he creeped to the hearth

up the chimney real fast, fast as as a fart!

He jumped in the truck, told the reindeer "let's go

if we late Mrs Claus gets mean as a hoe!"

I heard him say as he took off real fast,

"Merry Christmas niggaz and kiss my ass!"





















Submitted: November 24, 2014

© Copyright 2021 pudgey. All rights reserved.

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