I want you to love me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

I want you to love me

And I don't necessarily mean romance

Though I'd love for someone to kiss and to hold

That's not what this wish is about


I hope you look forward to hearing from me

And that I made your struggles matter a little more

I dearly hope that somewhere in your heart

I'm one of the people you're fighting for


I hope I inspire you like you've inspired me

Even if our influence isn't one and the same

As much as your small acts of kindness have helped me

I hope that I've done enough to somehow return the favor


I hope that we continue to stay in touch

I hope you never tire of me

I hope that no matter the twists and turns our lives take

That you're always there for me


I want you to love me

Because you've done so before

And love is something so precious

That as long as they can,

People always want for more


I hope that I get better at loving you

To help you out, however I can

However small my role ultimately may be

I'll cherish the moments I've helped you smile


Being good to myself doesn't come easy

But I'm glad you did your part to help

You're but one of many that I keep in mind

When I try to remember who's on my side


I want you to love me

Because it helped me move forward

And I hope you move forward too,

And continue to make those around you smile


Because flawed as we may be,

And whatever differences we have

The times I've shared with you have been precious

And I hope you can say the same for me


I want you to love me

Because I've been happy to have a place in your heart

And maybe as long as I'm welcome there,

I'll find some of the strength I need

To get back up, and try again

Whenever I need to


For this time, and I hope many times again,

You have my gratitude


Thank you, and let's reach out to each other whenever we can


Submitted: May 12, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Pulak Km. All rights reserved.

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