on the floor

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Losing their love, to someone else, a loss of connection. Love is a driving force, however a heart it fragile. To love is to care about the other, to help to want their happiness and them to return those feelings at their own free will.

Submitted: November 23, 2016

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Submitted: November 23, 2016



A girl I had

My heart I left,

I gave it my all

There was something I felt

Like I was part of something more


Memories made,

Two lives combined,

To love someone,

Is something no one can describe.


Troubles created

One after the other

But never was a problem

Because we had each other


A story,

However, must come to an end.

This end however,

Was more heartbreaking than any, my friend

The heart I gave away

Was dropped for the first time.

I will never forget,

Asking “why? Why?”


Theories I made inside my head

How was it,

That such a love is dead?

Lying awake in bed

No food, no sleep

Only a child who is now

Crying, and weak


A decision I made

To keep loving with all my heart

However, she forgot mine, in mere seconds

And took yet another heart.

Sadness filled my body

However my questions were answered

There was another

How was it I was so blind, so stupid, so unobservant


I move on,

Yet I still love her

Because I love like mine

Cannot be annihilated


Future plans we made

Now, irrelevant

I understand though

A man was what she needed

Someone to take her hand

And make her feel safe

Not a feeling I could ever create


However I’ll love her

Romantically or not

Whether she considers me a friend

Still haunts me,

A simple answer of “yes” or “I do not”


However, a soldier I will be,

And have been

For her,

For many years


If my assistance is required,

I will respond with, “as you wish”

Knowing her love

For this great script

I have served you for 2 years

And I can for 2 more

And then my disappearance from your life

Will make me just another forgot memory once more


Currently now

I’m less than nothing

Just a stain in her life

Unable to be rid of

Yet she still fights


Oh the pain, oh the pain

It hurts my soul

And then I remember my broken heart

Is still on the floor


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