ROOM 213

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is for LizanneStewart's Challenge. I was given a chronical on the longest amount of time I've gone without sleeping. It will be incorporated in my story. This is a Mystery/horror piece. Please enjoy!


A simple turn of a key. The number 213 on a green door. A room that seemed so empty. Turns out to be a mans worse nightmare. Gordi was too tired to notice the signs. Signs that reached out to him. To steer him beyond the roadside hotel. But he was too tired, too exhausted from lack of sleep. He had to find a bed, and get the sleep his weary eyes desperately needed. The room did seem empty. But between the walls, seepingthrough the cracks, his fears lay waiting. Waiting for the next unexpected guest...

Gori reached to turn the volume up on the car radio. His eyes were burning and growing quite heavy from lack of sleep. He had driven over two hundred miles, only stopping to use the bathroom, and gas. He figured the loud music would help him keep his eyes open. It wasn't working. He needed to find a place to rest his head.

He checked his map. He had two hundred and fourty miles to go before he made it to his parents house. The long drive had taken its toll on him.

A song came on the radio. One he hadn't heard in a long time." Dont Stop "was the name of it. Gordi didn't think nothing of it. He passed a sign that read six miles to the next rest stop. He sighed with relief. He couldn't wait to rest and get some sleep.

Just up ahead, He saw a hotel sign. The sign was blinking Vacancy. Gordi was so tired. He pulled in, and went inside.

The desk clerk was an older man. He was missing his front teeth, and his breath smelled of day old alcohol. His clothes were ragged, and filthy. On the wall behind the clerk, was an old calendar. it was a 1957 calendar. It seemed strange to still have it hanging up there, but Gordi really wasn't concerned, he was tired. The picture on it had the word Vacation, but some of the letters were quite faded, leaving the word to spell Vacat. Still Gordi was too tired to really notice the signs.

He handed the man his money, and the man handed Gordi his room key. Gordi looked at it. It was room 213. He thanked the man and was walking out, when theclerk gave him a strange smile, " enjoy your stay, sir. " His voice was very cold, and shallow.

Gordi pulled his car up to his room. The door was an ugly green, with paint peeled off. Where the paint was missing from the door, just below the number 213 with the 2 out of place and dangling from the nail. It appeared to reveal the words " get out. "

Still weak from exhaustion, Gordi couldn't fight the need to sleep. He didn't give any of it much thought. His body was weak, and his need to rest was stronger than the force trying to tell him something.

He staggered trying to turn the key. Missing the hole several times, he managed to get the door open. He goes inside. The door slammed shut behind him.

Gordi dropped his bag to the floor. The smell ofrats inthe room awoke his senses slightly, but not enough to alert him. He fell to the bed.

It was eight pm. He had been awake over eighteen hours. The most Gordi had ever went without sleep. It didn't take him long, before he began to snore. He was in a deep and restful sleep.

Meamwhile, in the adjoining rooms, voices began to stir. Various voices. Young and old. It went on throughout the night. This happened every night. Endless communication, endless conversation.

It was now 2am. Gordi was still soundly sleeping. The voices were getting annoyed. Without Gordi fully awake, they couldn't use his fears against him.

This was their room. They didn't take too kindly to intruders. Gordi had intruded into their world. Invaded their domain. Like so many unexpected guests before him. Like so many years in the past. People have made this room a place of evil.

Leaving their sins within the cracks. Building up the filthiness, and shame. They were tired of it, and very angry. Gordi was no different. There are fears and spirits in everyone.

Suddenly a loud rapping sound came from the bathroom. Gordi began to wake up. He rubbed his eyes, and sat up. He heard it again. He got up and slowly walked towards the door. His heart began to pump faster.

The sound was getting louder. Gordi reached for the knob. He jerked it open, and peered inside. On the bathtub sat a large rodent. Gordi jumped back in shock.

He was deathly afraid of rats. He began to feel nervous. He slammed the door shut. The large rat clawed at the door, trying to get to him. Gordi jumped on the bed in fear.

After a few minutes the rat stopped. Gordi began to relax. The room was empty. Only a small table and chair, the bed and a loose picture occupied the room. Gordi couldn't stay here. His fear of rodents was too strong.

He got the courage to quickly jump off the bed, grab his bag, and dart for the door.

But when he turned the door knob, it wouldn't open. Gordi remembered the door had slammed behind him earlier. He tried to force it open. It was stuck.

He looked around the room. His head was spinning. He was terrified to be in the room with rats. What was he going to do? His attempt to get the door open had failed.

A phone sat on the table. Gordi grabbed and dialed the front desk. A female voice answered. " Front Desk! " Her voice seemed pleasant.

" I need your help! " Gordi told her, his voice was broken. " I cant seem to get my door open, and I want to check out."

The woman put Gordi on hold. Minutes later a man got on the line, " Who is this? " His voice seemed angry. " You kids need to stop playing on the phone. We dont have time for this harrassment. I'm callng the police, if you call again. " Then the man hung up the phone.

Gordi stood there with a strange expression on his face. His hands shook as he dialed the front desk again. This place was giving him goose bumps.

The same mans voice answered again. " Can we help you? " He asked in an annoyed voice.

" Dont hang up on me," Gordi begged. " My name is Gordi James. I checked into your hotel last night. My room number is 213, and my door seems to be stuck. I need your help to open it, and I want to check out."

The man hesitated. " Sir, we dont have a room 213. Are you playing games with us? If you are, we can have this call traced, and have you arrested for harrassment." He told Gordi in a frustrated tone.

Gordi was getting upset."I assure you. I'm not playing any games. I'm right here in room 213. I've been here since eight pm last night. My car is right outside. It's a BMW."

The desk clerk had Gordi put on hold once again. He stepped outside the door. He assumed that maybe Mr. James checked in drunk and got his room number mixed up.

The clerk looked around the parking lot. He saw lots of vehicles, but none of them was a BMW. He shook his head and returned to the phone.

" Mr. James. I'm sorry, but I dont see your vehicle anywhere outside. Are you on drugs or something.? "

Gordi was growing very impatient. He hung up the phone and ran to the window.

Looking out, he didn't see his car parked in front of his room. A large SUV was there. A family of four was getting out of it. Gordi beat on the window pane, trying to get their attention.

He screamed as loud as he could, but they didn't hear him. He was horrified. " Whats happening to me? " His voice was crying for an explaination.

The hotel parking lot was filled with vehicles, but Gordi's was nowhere to be found. He was trapped in his room. No one heard his crys. No one see's his pain through the window.

He was lost. Lost in time. Somewhere between 1957 and now.

He could hear the rats coming for him. He could feel them. Scatching and clawing at his soul. Gordi jumped into the bed. He was there to stay. For how long, he didn't know.

Gordi had ignored the signs. A greater force tried to steer him past his fear. Past this hotel of fear. Gordi checked in. It was up to room 213 to let him check out.


Submitted: January 07, 2010

© Copyright 2020 PumKinSpice57. All rights reserved.

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Oooooh eerie! Brilliant work!

Thu, January 7th, 2010 9:53pm


Thank you so much Shauna. I'll let you know when I start my next challenge.

Thu, January 7th, 2010 2:10pm



WOW! I like it! You write very well. It's like The Twilight Zone! You must've watched it some?
Congrats though! You did awesome!!! :D

Fri, January 8th, 2010 11:22pm


I never did like the twilight zone. Thank you for the wonderful comment.

Fri, January 8th, 2010 5:37pm



WOW! That was scary. I really enjoyed reading this. Good luck in the challenge. Jessica :)

Sun, January 24th, 2010 9:00pm


Thank you so much!

Wed, January 27th, 2010 12:06pm



Wow! This was creepy :S I'd be so freaked out if that happened to me lol :P This was really good btw(:

Thu, November 4th, 2010 11:55am


Thank you so much!

Sat, November 6th, 2010 10:22am

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