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twisted fairy tale told through the eyes of a child, from the world of dark reality horror.

Submitted: June 13, 2011

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Submitted: June 13, 2011




Chapter 1- SECRET

Little Tommy Baxter was an ordinary bright young boy. Two months had passed since he

turned eight, and in that time he had met the most amazing person in the world.

Tommy knew on that sunny Sunday afternoon that he shouldn't have gone near the old dark

woods of eatonu, but while he was playing football in the local park he had kicked his airflow

ball into the woods.

His father had always told him to stay away from them because it was full of boogie men, but

Tommy was too old for fairy tales now and he knew that his father was just telling a great big

lie. Tommy couldn't get why he was lying but he knew boogie men were not real and his

father must know too. Maybe Tommy should tell him..... Maybe when I am bigger, he


He slowly crept up to the wooded entrance and looked around, but he could see no ball.

Maybe it was in a tree he thought, looking high up into the old scary looking bare branches.

"Is this your ball little man" a deep voice came from all around Tommy.

There was no sign of where the voice had come from and Tommy began to feel a little scared


"Where are you mister, have you got my ball"

"I sure have little man, but before I give it you, you have to promise not to be scared" the

voice seemed to come from in front now, deep in the dark wood.

"What you mean mister, are you ugly"

"To you I may be, I am different to the grown-ups that you know, and if I come out I don't

want you to run from me"

"Well.... I suppose I won’t." Tommy said, feeling very scared but also excited. Like this was a

big adventure into a wild jungle.

"OK, I will come out, but please understand I won't hurt you........I never will"

Suddenly from behind a great oak tree, a man stepped out holding the ball in his great big

hands. Tommy was not scared at all. The mans big wide grin seemed very friendly, just like

old man Brady’s dog. The man was very big indeed, the biggest Tommy had seen. His naked

body was full of muscles just like he-man from the cartoons; Tommy had thought to him self.

"Come here little man let me see you" the man held out his hand. Tommy stepped forward

looking up into the mans big eyes. The man took hold of Tommy and lifted him up real high.

Holding him into his big strong chest. Tommy felt good, like he was being protected.

"Listen little man, you can't tell any one about me you hear. Not even your parents"

"Ok, mister. But can I see you again sometime maybe. We could be friends." Tommy said

rather excitedly.

"That would be real good little man. You just come here when you want to and shout for me"

the man said.

"Oh wow, that would be real good. But what should I call you"

"Just call me Loki" with that Loki stroked tommy's hair and softly kissed Tommy’s forehead.

Chapter 2- TROUBLE

That was three weeks ago now and Tommy had been to see Loki nearly every day after

school. He would tell his father that he was going down to the park to play kick ball. Then he

would sneak to the woods and call Loki. And he always came to him.

Tommy had not told any one about his new friend, he didn’t want to share him with any one.

And he thought maybe his father would not like him seeing Loki anyway.

Every time they met Loki would hold Tommy in his big strong arms and Tommy would tell

Loki about how his day had gone. Tommy didn’t even feel embarrassed about Loki being


Tommy had seen his father naked in the shower lots of times but Loki was much bigger and

so was his peepee. Tommy felt embarrassed looking at it. But his mom had told him that all

men have peepee's, that made him feel better. Tommy decided he was going to ask Loki why

he never wore any pants; maybe Tommy could get him some from the store.

Today had been a hard day at school so Tommy was relieved to be out in the fresh air of the

park. He looked around to make sure no one was watching him, then when he was certain it

was clear he slipped through the small hole in the fence and rushed over toward the dark


"Loki, Loki it’s me Tommy" he shouted loud like all the other times, then waited.

After a minute or so Tommy tried again “Loki, Loki please come out Loki". Still no answer

and now Tommy felt a little scared again. He wondered what could have happened to him.

Then from behind him came a voice he had learned to hate, a voice that teased and abused

him. The voice of his class bully kalleb.

"Look here guys its little Tommy cry baby."

Tommy span round to see kalleb standing a few feet away with his two friends Billy and


"What you doing little cry baby dipshit" He said while his two friends laughed like hyenas.

"I’m, just looking around" Tommy lied, now he felt a terror rise up in his stomach.

"Oh, just looking around are you. Well that will cost you two pounds" He began slowly

punching his left hand. Tommy knew he was in trouble.

“I have no money and my friend will be here real soon"

"Who is this friend shit dick? Or is he a pretend one." Again his friends laughed like hungry


"Just leave me alone or ill tell Loki" Tommy whined.

"Loki, I ain't heard of no Loki. And what will this friend do exactly" A wide gap tooth grin

crept onto kallebs face.

“He is big and strong and he is my best friend" Tommy began to whimper now, he didn’t

know where Loki was and the bullies looked real pissed.

"And so what, my dad beats me most days and I still go back for more. So I tell you what ill

do. I will make you a deal" kalleb said stepping up to Tommy.

"OK, ill make a deal just let me go" Tears were beginning to run down tommys face.

"The deal is this......." Before Tommy could react kalleb punched Tommy in the stomach

knocking the wind out of him. Sending him to his knees.

Then a knee smashed into his nose making lights flash in front of his eyes. Tommy curled into

a ball weeping and gasping for air.

"Ha ha look at little prick Tommy. Cry baby, cry baby" kalleb was laughing real hard, as his

friends moved in for a closer look. That’s when the hyenas attacked, kicking Tommy in the

head back and legs, laughing and shouting how Tommy was a cry baby. Tommy felt pain

surge around his body.

He screamed as loud as he could “L O K I, help me"

Chapter 3- REVENGE

The bully’s stopped kicking only when there feet were sore, kalleb stepped back and laughed

at the crying little baby on the floor. But at that moment a large shadow loomed over them.

Kalleb looked up and screamed in terror.

Coming out of the woods, pushing tree aside and growling with anger was a giant. Kalleb had

seen something like it before in his sister’s fairy tale. A troll it was called but in real life they

looked a lot scarier. All the bully’s looked up frozen in fear as the troll stood over them.

Kalleb began to sob as the warm urine filled his pants.

“What do you think you’re doing to my little friend" The troll's big sharp teeth were bared

like when kalleb dog got pissed at him for poking it with a stick.

"Tommy close your eyes and cover your ears." the troll said.

"Please don’t hurt me Mr Troll" kalleb pleaded. But before he could go on the troll crashed a

great big fist into the top of mikes small head. Mikes body crumpled and splattered into a

heap on the floor his lifeless body broken and mangled. With the speed of a cat the troll

picked up Billy then tossed him into the air and as Billy came back down the troll opened his

large mouth and tilted his head back. There was a scream as Billy slid down the throat of the


Kalleb didn’t move and now the troll took hold of him and lifted him in front of his large face.

"Little man tell me, have you tried jelly babies" The stench of rotting flesh came from the

troll’s mouth and made kalleb eyes sting.

"Please don’t kill me. Please" kalleb whined.

"I bet you like to eat jelly babies real slow... Don’t you"


“I like to eat them bit by bit. But Nasty little boys taste a lot better" With that the troll bit of

kalleb head sending blood spurting high into the air like a fountain.

Chapter 4- TRUTH

Tommy didn’t close his eyes, and he saw everything. But it didn't scare him at all. He felt

happy and proud of his friend.

As soon as Loki had finished his meal, Tommy stood up and looked up into his friends eyes.

"Thank you Loki. They really hurt me"

"Sorry I was late little man"

"That’s ok Loki, at least your here now. But can I ask a question"

"Ask what you like my friend"

"Why did they call you a troll" Tommy asked with wide blue eyes.

"Because that is what I am. My name is Loki, the prince of trolls. I have lived in the woods

since time began. I only show my self to special people like you. When you’re older I will tell

you my story, so you can tell the world. But until then, I must be your secret."

"Wow, that’s cool. I will not tell a soul, cross my heart and hope to die....My secret friend."

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