gelo and rena love story

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hope you'll like my story

Submitted: March 31, 2009

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Submitted: March 31, 2009



it started when gelo was eating on the canteen with a friend and suddently a cute girl past

by them and he ask albert his friend if he knows that girl and he said (yah i know her shes rena )then when albert

look back to call rena then poof they where gone.but gelo didn't lose hope

then the next day gelo and his friend climed a tree beside there school building then

gelo so rena again and he look right at her and said to himself that

he will court that girl but his to stupid to go near and talk so he did what he always do he wrotre a poem

a lovely one and the past day he gave it to her then it work so gelo bacame happy and he decide to talk to rena

and say what he had to off he gose to talk when he so rena he started shaking but it didn't stop him

he stode up and talk then by the end of there conversation rena said ''yes''

(until then hope you'd like this story)

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