june bug

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june was a very smart girl but was sexually abusedandher best friend worried about her because she was abused

Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013




I knew June since I was little that was all I remember the most about her. We used to go out on play dates all the time. I would always be the one to be by her side just like a good friend through out grade school. When ever we played a game of kick ball I always made sure she was on my team because I was that good friend. The kind of friend who would not let her down like that. Because June was my best friend. After school I remember when we used to walk home together and now its not the same.

It wasn’t her fault she was too young to understand about why she was being treated this way. Every day we walked home from school it felt like I was walking on thin air. Her arm would accidentally brush on my arm I looked away quickly. It felt like I was lifted up by an angle but this angle was June. She had changed my life entirely. We would always go to her house after school and play in the backyard or sometimes we would go into her room depending on the weather that day.

It was so perfect until one day her dad called her inside but yelled it really loud his eyes were blood shot red. She told me ill be back and ruffled my black hair I watched her go inside. I sat their for what seemed like for ever waiting for her to return so we can finish our game. We were playing cops and robbers with her bears. I sat the bears down together one of them were tied up that was Junes bear she was named jade she was a bright Grey bear. Mine was the brown one his name was frankly and he was the cop it was the best idea ever that we came up with.

  i looked at the door again to see if she was coming back and I saw a curtian open. My heart started to pound. Junes dad always scared me he doesnt seem like the loveable type. Their house was a beautiful egg shell white with baby blue edging. It was the most amazing house I have ever seen. I looked back at the window I saw a face my heart started pounding. The back door slid open a smile crossed my face. “June your back” I said happily she had her head bent down like she did something bad.

  “June bug are you okay” I said sacredly and ran up to her and gave her a hug. She didnt even hug back and cryed on my shoulder. June pulled away from the hug “you need to go home now” she sobbed. “but june “ she turned around and went inside. I sighed and picked up franky and walked home alone. 

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