lilys dream

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lily has been through alot in the past year. she has bipolar disorder and it causes her to have these terrible dreams sometimes but this time its for real. just continue reading this i may not finish this story i dont know

Submitted: February 11, 2013

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Submitted: February 11, 2013



Danny looked up at the sky while lily stood there watching him. His eyes rolled back inside his head now she was officially scared . Her heart started pounding and then she ran towards him blood poured out of his mouth. A confused look spread across her face she was shocked with agony and stopped in mid step. Daring not to take another one towards him fearing that she would get hurt.

Danny stood their motionlessly with his arms dangling and then he started shaking and fell straight down on the ground and blacked out. Lily rushed over there to help him but she was too late to bring him back. There was blood all over the dead corps she sat their crying her eyes out and waiting to see if Danny will come back alive.

“No “she screamed hugging Danny and embracing every movement with the corps then she heard her alarm clock ringing in the background. Then the dream faded away and she was snapped back into reality. “Whoa” she said as she woke up her face was all wet from crying her eyes out.

She looked over and saw the alarm clock it was five thirty lily moaned. And got up and dashed to check on Danny. Her brother was the closest thing to her she wanted to make sure the dream wasn’t real. He was safe soundlessly asleep then she closed his door gently. Lily sighed in relief now she knows that Danny was safe.

But she couldn’t figure out what or why that was happening to danny in her dream. It seems like he was struck by a monster of some sort. Or even worse he could have been haunted by a” dead soul”. Just thinking about those things made lily shiver. She didn’t like the fact that she has been having terrible nightmares lately.

She hasn’t told anyone about them because they happen every night they are scarier every time. She wonders if it is her bipolar pills that are making her have these terrible dreams or it could be just her. Her mom told her that some people just have bad dreams lily told her that they were different they felt so real. Sometimes they would get so bad that she would cry in her mother’s arms late at night.

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