The Un-withering Rose

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It is a short and intense writing about a mother's love for his child.

Submitted: February 15, 2010

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Submitted: February 15, 2010



  My heart broke into a million pieces as I watched my child, my heart; pick up a withered flower from the ground. His eyes were sad and his head was bowed, as he looked hopelessly at its blackened and drooping petals.


  My heart sank as I took the flower from his hands and drew him to me. His lips trembled and a single tear rolled down his tender pink cheek. I placed his head on my shoulder and rocked him to sleep.


  Next morning I woke up early and bought the biggest rose I could find and placed it next to his pillow. He awoke and was pleasantly surprised. He held the rose in his hand and laughed delightfully. His eyes sparkled, his cheeks flushed deep red. He played happily all day.


  I took a picture of him holding the flower. I was so happy to see his glee. My sunken heart filled with satisfaction and I was relieved to have restored the smile on his face which I yearned for and loved so much. That night I slept peacefully and thanked God for small mercies.


  I awoke late next morning with the sound of sobbing. I quickly ran my baby’s side. It was as if an arrow had pierced my heart; in his hand he held a withered rose, its petals breaking off. His tears brought tears to my eyes too, as I picked him up in my arms and rubbed his backed, consoling him. He held me tightly, afraid that one day, I too will wither like the rose in hands.


  As I sat before God that night, while my child slept sadly in my arms, I begged Him to give me an un-withering rose. I would place it in my child’s hand he would smile again.

  God smiled His serene smile and extended his hand towards me. I took God’s hands and was transported to a beautiful rose garden. 

  I gasped at the roses of different colours and sizes. Large rose bushes held blooming roses; pink, red, white, yellow and many more colours. I looked upon them in wonder.


  I wanted to give each rose to my baby, I wanted to shower him with roses but my heart felt heavy as I knew they would wither and reduce him to heart-wrenching tears.

  Running from bush to bush, I searched for the un-withering rose that God had promised me. The sun beat down on my head, making it difficult to carry on. The thorns from the rose bushes tore through my skin and clothes, ripped at my hair as I fruitlessly continued to search for the unearthly object.


  Lost and unsuccessful, I lay down on the grass. God came and sat beside me, His serene smile like a gust of cool wind on my sun-beaten face. I asked him to show me the object of my desire as I couldn’t go on any longer.

  God took my hand and I was back again in my room, my sleeping child in my arms, cuddling close to me. I could feel his soft breathing and I was filled with helplessness. What would I give him? Where was the un-withering rose?

  I was angry and I questioned God, “Where is it my Lord? You promised me!”

  God smiled his serene smile and said, “The un-withering rose is your love, my child. Your love for him will never wither; give him your love, the un-withering rose.”

  Next morning I woke up and woke my child. I held my hand out towards him. A brilliant smile broke on his lips and sweetly he said, “Mommy.” My heart melted and pulled him to my heart. As I held him close and played quietly with him, listening happily to his chiming laughter, I thanked God for small mercies.


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