Admiring To Death

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Submitted: January 11, 2010

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Submitted: January 11, 2010



I wanna say something makes me feel confused since long time , it makes me really afraid, i need to know if i'm in love or i'm dreaming ....

Everyday when she start talks to me i feel that a new hope in my life comes, when she say her sweet words i feel so wired feeling.

I couldn't stop talk to her and i just keep looking to her face , her smile, keeps listen to her voice, and every time she touch me or hug me, my heart keep beating so fast in a very wired way that i couldn't understand, she keeps talking and i just keep dreaming about her.

It's so wonderfull that i have such a person like her ,she is specail , perfect, honest, true and cute !.

But i couldn't handle this word when she say bye , it's torn my heart apart.

I know that i'll meet her again tomorrow, but it's so hard on me i keep count minutes , hours till the time i will meet her again.

Is it so wnderfull whe u have this much of love for a person ?.

Now i know it's now wired feeling , It's True Love.

So never let it go if u have such a feeling like this to any person u know !!.

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