I Wish

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Daphne is a normal girl who has a crush oh her neighbor Austin , and he does felt the same so what happened when the things changed ? And what happened when she figure out that his brother Adam has a crush on her two and he is her bestfriend crush ? What happened after 2 whole years ?

Submitted: May 13, 2013

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Submitted: May 13, 2013



Hey guys what's up .?? My name is Daphne brown but You can call me Dav I'm 16 years old I live with my family mom , dad , my brother steve he is very annoying But I love him anyway he's so protective and cares about me alot , and I have a little Brother , his name is kevin he is so cute , I live in a very beautiful neighborhood , you can find all my secrets with my best friend Ally she's so gorgeous and prettier than me , I want you to meet my family and friends , eighbor Austin I tryly love him but things between us changed and I still don't know why !! See yaaa

Hey my name is steve brown I'm 19 years old I am dav's brother I love my Sis but I always try to hide it cause I don't like showing my emotional side ,, I like hanging out with my friend ,watching telly , playing with my little Bro Kevin he is so stubborn boy , have a Girlfriend Her name is Amy she's so cute and I love Her ! Well SEE Ya later ..

Hey my name is Adam gleen I am 18 years old I am older than my brother Austin by a year , I love singing and dancing but I'm always trying to hide it cause I'm in the football team and involve in those stuff is just going to make a joke from you so , but I love writing songs about my feeling and the title of the most of my songs is Daphne my neighbor I love her I truly love her but I can't show it , but I feel like a jerk cause I don't wanna be with her in front of everybody cause she is .. You know .. less papular than me !!! ,, but that's killing me , I can't imagine myself with another girl but her . When I saw her kissing my brother when we were young , it just broke my heart , but after that I knew something change the way that things was working out ,,

Hey yo ,, My name is Austin I'm 17 years old I love writing poems but that's for sure my secret hobby because I am the girls glamorous and that's my jop so , I have a huge crush since 6th grade on my neighbor Daphne , I love her , I just love her she's so perfect to me , when I make out with any girl I just feel so guilty cause she's always on my mind , But I'm positive that she didn't even think of me she could've love my brother Adam I am just a player and that's not a thing to be proud of ,, but I adore her ,but I've gotta keep her away from me , I don't wanna Hurt her . But what I knew is just enough .. She is the first girl who broke my heart !!

Hello my name is Ally mCartney I'm 16 years old I have a huge crush on Dav's neighbor (( Adam )) I came to this town two years ago and he's the first guy I saw after Dav's brother of course , I could've like him but he got a Girlfriend but the weird thing that I didn't see Adam dating any girl all these 2 years , I'm wondering why . !! But there's a secret that i've been hiding it fir a long time and it is just killing me !!

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