How many times has the Rain...

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I was walking in the rain today/nightish after i missed my bus and was frustrated with shit. i love the rain so much, it calms me. brings me back to myself. everytime im down, or really PISSED, i go for a walk in the rain and i feel at pease. i came up with this in my head while i walking. it's not edited yet, it will get better!

oh, and notice the five senses.

Submitted: January 03, 2012

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Submitted: January 03, 2012



How many times has the rain heard me cry?

Heard me cry out my secrets, my problems,in anguish and pain.

my tears lost down the sewer drain.

How many times has the rain seen me give up?

Give up on my family, my friends, my love.

Because somebody became corrupted.

How many times has the rain tasted my lips?

tasted my lips, tasted my skin, tasted my clothes,

in an attempt to kiss me enough that the fear of returningto thedesertis none.

How many times has the rain smelled me?

smelled me enough to know i hadn't showered off the fights for a couple of days.

To wash my hair free of the angry words that were caught in it, to shave off the raised questions.

How many times have i felt the rain be my cure for ill with want?

The advil off the shelves doesn't do a thing, and a person to console me is nowhere in sight.

It waters on me so I grow stronger.

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