What He Did To Me

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What a guy did to me... True story.

Submitted: August 07, 2012

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Submitted: August 07, 2012




Whenever that song comes on it makes me think of you. Whenever I think of you it makes me think of that night. Whenever I think of that night it makes me think about your life. Whenever I think of your life it makes me think of your feelings. Whenever you say hi or just text me it makes that song come on.

That night…. We let go of everything. I was like we got drunk. And I believed things in my heart that weren’t true. It was a thing that I would want to erase…. But that I would never want to forget. You always bring the dance music on and when it starts it never ends even when you’re gone. When I was gone I was happy but sad at the same time.

 You told me in the morning and I didn’t get it but when you looked at me at school it seemed like it never happened. You loved my personality and even though I wasn’t popular you fell far… Far enough to break your heart, but not mine. Something felt different last weekend… You were gone. There were other people in my head that didn’t care for my niceness and also didn’t know how to have fun. You said people called you fun… but I knew that you knew that coming from me meant a lot and hearing that made me a tattoo in your heart. I knew you couldn’t move on after me. I knew you never wanted to leave me. I told you it made sad me when you had to go….

After I could finally have the guts to talk to you….it was like old times. For some reason the people that didn’t know were now making me blush because for some reason it was obvious and I didn’t even know it. You held it in so well that I felt like I was alone on this….but since I read you like a book I knew I wasn’t.

I knew you were coming back so I had to get ready….who knew if you’d be the same.

Me and Parker Mays's story <3

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