My Trip to the Moundsville Reginal County Jail

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this is a true story of my time in the local jail. I think it is a good example of the abuse that happens to the mentally ill when they are arrested

Submitted: June 11, 2013

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Submitted: June 11, 2013



My Trip to the Moundsville County Jail


Puri das Gere


It was late at night after everyone staying at the house had gone to bed. I was manic and could not sleep. I was smoking some weed that I had taken from one of my friends hiding spot. I had taken the TV and PlayStation from the house into the garage. For some reason I had put a glass door down on the carpet. It broke a couple times when I walked on it but I was wearing shoes and did not think about it. Then I ran out of cigarettes and decided to go snooping in my friend’s cars to search for buts to smoke. I was in my friends black Honda Civic and looked in the glove box hoping to find a pack of smokes but what I found was the spare set of keys for the car and a bunch of maps of camping areas in Southern West Virginia.

In my delusional state of mind I thought the owner of the car wanted me to borrow his car and go camping. I knew this thought was not quite right, but I talked myself into thinking it was. I started the car and took off heading north on Stone Church Road. Then I somehow ended up on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. I remember driving like I was playing a video game. Pulling the emergency brake and sliding around corners. I was also using the automatic shifter like a manual car.

It was dawn when I decided to go get my dog no-name out of the wheeling pound. I found my way back to Interstate 70 and headed to wheeling. I found the pound and the two guys working there gave me the dog without any problem. He was sure glad to see me and hopped into the car riding shotgun. I remember backing into a yellow fire hydrant and then kept driving. I had it in mind to get two young puppies out of the Moundsville Pound. My landlord were I had been staying had called animal control on them while I was inpatient at Hillcrest.

So I was driving in wheeling towards Moundsville when I saw a black guy standing on the corner. I pulled up to him and asked him if there was anyway he could give me a bowl full of weed. I did not have any money, but I knew there was a whole bunch of little empty perfume bottles in the trunk. So I asked him if I could trade some of the bottles for a bowlful of weed. I popped the trunk and he took a whole bunch of them maybe all of them I don’t know. I thought he could use them to package crack to sell. So he gave me enough for a bowl and I was about to leave when his girlfriend came out and asked me If I wanted to chill with them. I remember she said, “Cmon you look like a player come and chill with us.” How I wish I would have done so.

But I did not and headed down route 2 towards Moundsville with no-name riding shotgun. I stopped by my old high school John Marshall because I saw my old guidance counsellor outside the school. I told her I wished I had taken auto mechanics in school, which she had talked me out of. She informed me that I could take a summer auto mechanics class. Then I drove to the Marshall County Animal Shelter to get my two puppies out of the pound. When I got there the lady working said I could only have them back if I paid sixty bucks because they had spayed and neutered the two puppies. I just walked around back to the cages and tried to get the puppies anyway. She followed me out and started yelling that she was going to call the cops. So I got back in the Honda and got the hell out of there. By the way the animal shelter is right across the street from the Moundsville Regional Jail where I would be later that day.

At this point I decided to get a shampoo and haircut for no-name as a treat. I parked the car in the Kroger shopping centre in Moundsville and took the dog out. I think I let him out of the car to get some exercise on the way. He was running along the car then I stopped and let him back in. So I saw a cute lady that was smoking outside of the pet store. I started talking to her, she was very cute. I then asked her how much a shampoo and haircut cost. It was 35 dollars. I remember no-name sneezing profusely which was his way of warning me to get the hell out of there, but I did not heed his warning. I gave her the dog and thought I would drive down to Kroger’s and panhandle the 35 dollars.

I happened to walk up on the passenger side of the car and decided to get in and drive from that side. I got and was driving through the parking lot to Krogers when I saw blue lights behind me and heard a cop say, “Get out of the car and put your hands behind your head.”

I had walked over to the driver’s side and parked the car. I got out and turned towards the cop and put my hands behind my head. The cop was in a defensive stance behind the front door of his cop car and had a revolver pointed at me. He said,” don’t move” and I didn’t. I was very scared that he was going to shoot me. It felt like an eternity until some other cops came up behind me and handcuffed me. They put me in the back of one of the cop cars and drove me to the Northern Regional County Jail. Once I was inside the jail the cops took the handcuffs off. Then they fingerprinted me and placed me in one of the holding cells. I was the only one in the cell.

Now at this point the orders of events during the rest of my stay are hard to remember, however I will try to tell you as much as I do remember.

I can not remember if I slept that first night. I asked for something to read and on of the guards gave me a King James Bible to read. It had the words spoken by Jesus in read and one of the first things he said in the book was to read it loudly. So I started shouting the words in red which Jesus had said. I remember the other people in the jail shouting to me to be quite, but I just kept on shouting out the bible and I think I kept the whole block up that night.

Then at some point I got to use the phone and tried to call my mom, but my step-dad did not want to bail me out. God I wish he would have. I tried to call several bail bondsmen. One of them asked me why it had taken so long to call and I told them something about learning my lesson and he said, “Well learn it then,” and hung up.

Then five guards came into my cell and handcuffed me to a gurney after pepper spraying me. I had raised my arm to block the spray but after lying down handcuffed with my arms and legs crossed the spray moved down my forehead and into my eyes. It really hurt especially when I opened my eyes. I was shouting that it hurt and the guards were all having a big laugh about the whole thing.

Next they came in and took the hand cuffs off and told me it was time to see the judge. The pepper spray was still in my eyes at this point. They put me in a patrol car and drove me to wherever the judge was. The judge asked me something but I was just cussing and yelling that they had pepper sprayed me and don’t remember much about the judge except I think I cussed at him and he told the cops to bring me back to the jail.

When we got there they let me take a shower and told me to use cold water to rinse the pepper spray out of my eyes. Then they put me back in my cell.

At some point when I was taking a shower the actual warden of the jail paid me a visit while I was showering. He was talking about hot and cold water and how both had there purpose. The shower had separate hot and cold nozzles. I remember wondering why he came to see me while I was in the shower.

Then I was in my cell and had gotten some pieces of paper somehow. I was planning a book about a big flood that flooded the whole earth except for the seven highest mountains. I made little boats out of some paper and flooded the cell so I could float the little boats. So they turned the water off to my cell so that I could not flood it again.

For the duration of the rest of my time in jail I had no water to drink. I actually drank water from the toilet eventually and it was the most satisfying water ever.

Next a guy came in to the jail to be processed. He had a dime bag squeezed in the crook of his elbow and slyly dropped it into the laundry cart. The guards put him in my cell. They handcuffed him to a gurney. He was going into convulsions and screaming, “Take me to Northwood.” Shortly afterwards they took him out of my cell and I guess they did take him to Northwood, anyway I never saw him again. The janitor found the dime bag and gave it to one of the guards. He went outside and came back high.

My memory is a bit vague about the sequence of events that happened next.

At one point they put an old scraggly guy in my sell. He looked like a homeless guy. He was telling jokes and we were having a pretty good time. After a few hours he showed me his arm. It was broken and he asked me to break it the rest of the way. I think this was a trap set up by the guards. I said that I wouldn’t break his arm and then they took him out of my cell.

I remember pounding on my cell door a lot. It was made of reinforced glass with a steel frame. It made a loud crashing noise when I would pound on it. I am sure this annoyed the guards and the other occupants of the three other holding cells.

Then a tough looking black guy walked up while I was slamming the door and cussing out the guards as loud, crude, and insulting as I could be. I had learned to cuss by a grand master who had taught me how to cuss by cussing me out on many occasions. I was grateful to know how to cuss so well. Looking back on it now I think I was actually cursing them through some abilities that were peaking due to being so close to death and on a hyper manic state of mind. Anyhow this imposing black guy wanted showed some interest in me. He asked the guard that was escorting him somewhere to be locked up in one of the holding cells next to mine. The guard said, “If you want to go in that cell I will have to leave you there for 72 hours. He agreed. I don’t remember seeing him again, but someone else started slamming on their door shortly afterwards.

After a while I guess the guards had had enough of me cursing them. Five guards entered my cell, one carrying a video camera. I did not flex on them at all. They had brought in a yellow plastic thing that reminded me of the thing that search and rescue helicopters used to lift people up from the water to the helicopter. They told me to lie down in it. I did so. Then they said to cross my arms and legs. After I did that they handcuffed my hands and feet to the sides of the gurney.

After calming down for a while I got angry and was pleading them to let me out of that horribly uncomforting entrapment. No response except for wicked laughter from the guards. I did not have anything to do so I decided to spin the gurney around. So I spent a couple hours doing exactly that. It helped to pass the time. After a while 5 guards came in and took the handcuffs off. Then as I again asked to be taken to Northwood they finally sent in a nurse to give me some lithium.

She looked very angry and not pretty at all. I remember as she was giving me the shot in my hip she twisted the needle around while it was in me. This did not feel good but I was at a strange transition where pain had somehow been turned to pleasure. More on that will come later on in the story.

I had not had anything to drink for several days beside the small cup of cool-aide that came with each meal. So I was very dehydrated. When you take lithium and don’t hydrate it actually makes you more manic. So the lithium made things worse.

I was also not eating the meat or the fermented fruit that came with each meal. I was following the vegetarian diet because that was part of my religion. I was raised on a Hare Krsna commune. I kept expecting to be carried out by a bunch of devotees like a hero after a terrible ordeal. Of course this never happened.

A continuous cycle of me cursing at the guards and them putting me in restraints followed.

One time a nice nurse came to give me a shot of something. She kissed my shoulder and then gave me a shot in the same spot she had kissed. I remember it bled a little. Then she walked out of the cell and looked at me before leaving the jail. The look she gave me a look that seemed to say calm down and I will be waiting for you when you get out of jail.

Another time two wheeling police brought in a prisoner and one of them put a peace sign on his back hip where I could see it. I think he realized what was going on and wanted me to stop fighting and chill out. In my mind I was showing the guards never to mess with a gurukuli (meaning a person that had been raised in a Hare Krsna Ashram.)

Once I threatened to call down a rainstorm and flood the jail if they did not let me out. I prayed to Indra (the Hindu god of thunder) for rain. I later found out that three people died from the flooding in a storm while I was in jail. Was that Coincidence or Divine Intervention? You be the judge. I did feel guilty when I found out about that.

Once they tried to put me in the restraint chair. They had me handcuffed to that for a few hours and I must have asked for a preacher because one showed up to talk to me. I don’t remember much of what he said, but I do remember he had a term in his religion for someone who gets closer to God by causing pain to himself. I can’t remember the term but I thought about it and wondered if Krsna’s influence was keeping me going.

Actually I believe that my body was inhabited by Lord NaShringa deva who is an incarnation of Krsna. He is the protector of temples, devotees, and houses of devotees. I can’t come up with any other explanation of how I was able to stay awake and have so much energy. I remember looking up and seeing these descending rotating green triangles falling down from up high and being absorbed into my body through my crown chakra. That’s my interpretation of the triangles.

One time a black guy came up to my cell on his way to the bathroom and whispered, “look under the sink and cut yourself shaving.” The next time they let me shower I did look under the sink and there was a six inch long piece of metal about one inch thick. But it was not sharp. I spent a while trying to sharpen it using the cement bench. I wondered why nobody came to check on me because I was in there for a long time trying to sharpen the piece of metal. I thought about hiding it and using it on the guards the next time they stormed my cell. Then I gave up on that idea and put it back under the sink. I am not sure why he had suggested that. Maybe he thought they would take me to the hospital or maybe he thought I should kill myself.

One time I got on a football trip. I was running at the door and slamming it with my shoulder as hard as I could. This was a popular trip I think with the other inmates. They named me J. P. Galloway and I think they thought I should play football after I was released.

Of course they kept coming into my cell and handcuffing me to the gurney with my arms and legs crossed. I remember thinking that this was an extreme kind of torture because the gurney was plastic and I was not able to ground myself since plastic is not a conductor. Overall, they did this six or seven times. They left me there without checking on me for many hours, longer and longer each time.

One of the craziest things that started to happen was that I could see the guards’ animal faces when they came close just like the pictures in the Bhagavad Gita. For example, one guard came up to my cell and his face looked like a grizzled old wolf. The wolf’s nose was turned up and it looked very old and demonic. There was drool dripping down between its aging yellow teeth. I said to the guard, “You’re a fucking sheep fucker aren’t you?”

To my surprise he looked shocked and replied,” Yes, I am a sheep fucker. How did you know that? “

One morning when the three prisoners that had been sentenced to hard labour were sitting and waiting to go to work smashing big rocks into little rocks they gave us all pancakes. It was the only time I had something decent to eat the whole time I was there. That was a good morning.

I looked at the clock once and it was four o’clock. I said, “This is what devotees do at four in the morning.” I started to jump up and down and did so until eight o’clock. I was amazed that I had so much energy. Then they handcuffed me back on the gurney again.

After ten days of this insane routine when I had been basically living off of one piece of fruit and a small glass of juice for my three meals a strange thing happened. There was a bunch of inmates with DOC written on the back of their jumpsuits who walked back and forth in front of my cell with a cart full of meals and a large Gatorade container. I think they wanted me to get into a fight with the guards then I would be rewarded with food and drink.

I was so thirsty at one point that I actually drank from the stainless steel toilet. It was the most refreshing water I had ever tasted.

Eventually a new guard showed up. The first time I looked at him I knew he was someone very powerful and not to be messed with. I acted out again and he came into my cell by himself and handcuffed me. After how many hours I don’t remember he brought me a tray. There was meat, fermented fruit, a glass of juice, and an orange. I knew that as soon as I finished my meal he was going to handcuff me again. I did not say a word to him and he did not speak either. I thought he must be from Special Forces sent to calm me down. Anyway I spent as long as I could slowly peeling that orange. The whole time he sat next to me and I felt very protected in his presence. It might have taken me an hour to peel the orange and eat it. After that he handcuffed me back to the gurney.

I stopped yelling and cursing after that because I actually had respect for him which I did not have for the normal guards. Finally after I had been quite for several hours he came in and said I could leave. He brought me my clothes and said to change because they had decided to let me go.

The warden and a whole bunch of guards were watching and I thought I was leaving then they handcuffed me back to the gurney and put a spit mask on my head. They were all laughing their asses off except for the tough guy who had saved me. I was struggling trying to take the mask off with my teeth and they were all having a good laugh.

Finally I was uncuffed and they said I was free to leave. I had been awake for 13 days with hardly any food or water. I lost thirty pounds while I was incarcerated. But I walked out of there with my head held high and my chest out. My mom was there to meet me. I was very happy to see her and am amazed looking back how I was able to survive all the torturing I had been through.

So next time you think of breaking the law think about the possible consequences before you do!

The End

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