The unforgeettable song of witch

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Submitted: December 15, 2011

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Submitted: December 15, 2011



When she attained adulthood the witch no longer spoke to others out of fear that they would be eaten the villagers of the black woods began to hate and detest her the witch built an invisabe wall that surrounded the village people were able to enter the village but none could escape it . One day a child who was missing for three days repeated the witche's name three time and fell into a deep sleep the townspeople could no longer stand no more, so they took there torches in their hands and set fire to the witch's house. At that  moment  the princess of time descended from the heavens in a bright light and put out the fire immediately  she gave a signal to the witch and they both nodded. The wall around the village disappeared and an enormasous  monster appeared outside the village. After a long battle, the witch and the princess turned the monster to stone. the village regained its peace once more. When the sleeping child awoke from his slumber, he told the village that the witch had placed the wall to protect them from the monster, and for the wall to remain she could no longer speak. The villagers sincerely thanked the witch and asked her to speak before she was to go to the princess' castle. Instead , she sang. Her ame is no longer rembered but the song can still be heard somewere within the village

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