The Problem With Monsters

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“Oh my God….” She murmured aghast.
That was when it happened.
She heard someone shriek, “Die demon! Die!” And then she saw wood plunge through its chest. She stumbled back as the ogre or troll fell forward. She taught for sure that it would crush her but then mid-fall (before it could even touch her) the ugly turned to soot. It floated to the floor and lay in front of her at her feet. She looked at it for a while, taking in it all. It smelt like smoke.
Then she looked at the girl before her. “Who are you?” Ellie demanded.
The girl raised her eyebrows and said in a raspy voice, “Harper, Kismet Harper,” She smiled, “Come with me.”

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Submitted: November 29, 2008

Vampires. Monsters. Horrors.... we're just crazy about them. But what about the hunters? Meet Ellie Cinders and Kismet. There are things that got bump in the night. There are people who keep them under lock and key. Read Chapter


Submitted: November 29, 2008

There are uncountable species of monsters all over….One of the worst of these is the ghoul that presides underground. The worst of it i... Read Chapter


Submitted: December 05, 2008

Someone kicked them awake….Kismet flopped around trying to jump up only to find that her arms and legs were tied. A woman with long, bl... Read Chapter

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