Alien Animals

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Aliens have come to Earth and we all get along great! And they want to help out with our animals-going-extinct problem! What could possibly go wrong? Apart from their solution to the problem of course.

It's been over two years since the Jipps landed on Planet Earth. At that time, many of Earth's animal species had become extinct or were on the endangered species list. Although there were many other problems during that time, like global warming and over population, the Jipps decided that the endangered animals was the worst.

Jipps are very similar to humans in that they stand on two legs, have two arms, two eyes, two ears, one mouth. The differences are that they are covered in a light layer of fur that comes in a variety of colors, anything from black to magenta to tan. Their pointy ears are on the top of their heads. My sister told me last year that she had the urge to pet their ears because they looked so much like dog ears. I myself never got that feeling; it must be a girl thing. I guess it kind of makes sense that if the creature was animal-like, they would feel more inclined to help out the animals more then the people. The Jipps are more technologically advanced then us so even though they couldn't speak English when the first travelers arrived, they soon created a translator device that each Jipp attached to his or her waist.

Of course we as a human race were thrilled by the discovery of an alien species. And they seemed very ready and eager to share all of their technology with us, like a cure for the bird flu, and other diseases like that (even cancer). After more Jipps started to arrive and take tours of our beautiful planet, many started to become restless and sometimes angry. But they didn't seem to know how to phrase their question or concern. Of course, being the slightly suspicious race that we are, humans became frightened of not only losing the technological advancements, but also of an alien attack/invasion. I was one of those people.

My name is Jorden Stone, and I worked for the National Wildlife Protection Society. I had been fascinated with animals my entire life, and wanted to try and help keep animal species from going extinct. I was afraid that the Jipps were going to blow up Earth or invade and kill everyone (including the animals). But after only about four and a half weeks, the anxiety the Jipps had felt and put out on us, vanished. They became happy and carefree, and wanted to live and have jobs on Earth. At first, no one noticed that more and more of the jobs the Jipps were taking were centered around anything to do with animals. Research centers, wildlife centers, endangered species habitats, zoos, biologists, etc. Of course this meant that I was working with many of them. One Jipp that I became very close with was Bliese Clorsempt. She was very interested in the tiger species that I was also interested in. Together we studied the behaviors and the habitats each creature had and needed. It was about one year ago today, September 19, 2098, when the disappearances started to happen.

At first it was thought that the crime rate was going up, then it was thought that gangs were starting to emerge again. After that, it was decided that countries were attacking each other. One after the other, the theories grew with the number of people that went missing. I did watch the news and was aware of what was happening outside of my research labs, but I was getting very excited at the evidence that certain animal groups were growing larger. In one area in India, where there had been 200 Bengal Tigers, there was now 350. In the deserts of Africa, the lion population increased by 15% in less then three weeks. More and more of these kinds of reports were springing up all over the world as the animal populations started to rise at a very steady rate.

It wasn't until my sister vanished that I paid full attention to what was happening with the human population. Lina had always supported my love of animals and especially tigers. She had given me hundreds of collectibles for my office. And she had been just as excited as I was to have each species taken off the endangered species list. My mom called me yesterday at three in the morning to tell me the news of Lina's disappearance and that she was afraid that she and dad would be next. That was when I went into my office and turned on my tv. I grew more horrified with each report of missing people in each of the passing months as I began to get a terrifying suspicion about my recent animal discoveries. I've told myself a hundred times since then that it couldn't be possible. That there was no connection between the two population changes. But what other ways could it be explained? I think I need to talk to a Jipp. Any Jipp would do I guess, but if the truth was even remotely close to what I think it was, then I want to hear it from my friend and college Bliese. Right now I'm just trying to get up the courage. What if it is true? What if the Jipps are really somehow turning one population into another? Are the Jipps, the kind, carefree, gentle beasts, really killing off the entire human race?

“Jorden, are you well?” I nearly jump out of my skin as my choice to back out vanishes. I turn to look at Bliese.

“I was wondering if you had been watching the news lately?” I ask her, somehow keeping my voice calm and level.

“Yes I do know what has been happening. Have you heard that the tiger population has gone up 20% since Thursday? It's absolutely wonderful!” She gave a curious little howling noise which I now knew to be their 'Really happy and excited' noise.

I looked at her, keeping my face blank. “My sister disappeared in the last big vanishing act. I hadn't realized that it was so bad.” She looked at me with a calm face. But she didn't say anything. “I think she is dead, no person has been found if they disappear.” I felt a tear go down my face. Not for the pain of my lost sister, I was too numb for that now. No, I was crying because I wanted, no needed, to hear the truth so very badly. “Please tell me Bliese.” I asked her when she simply looked at me curiously.

After staring me down for a good two minutes, Bliese finally said, “You should feel very happy Jordan. Your sister isn't dead. In fact she is very much alive! You see, she has become a tiger!” She howled in delight, while I simply started, not quite comprehending what she was telling me. “All the people that have disappeared are alive and well. They are simply in a different body, and no longer have a human mind.” She smiled as though she had just told me I won the lottery.

I could only ask, “Why?”

“Because, the human race was destroying this planet without any heed to the destruction it was leaving in its wake. Humans were polluting the air, destroying the forests, and killing animals for sport. And your population was far to large. The human race has become a plague on this Earth. We have merely found a way to convert your life force to that of an animal.” She had become hard and cold, smiling only at the last sentence to the speech that had revealed the death of humanity.

“You're going to do it to every human?”

“Yes.” She walked slowly over to me and took me by the arm. I got up without fighting, and allowed her to lead me down the hall to an elevator I had never seen before.

We walked in and she pressed the only button in the entire space. When the door opened I was looking upon a room made entirely of wood. All around me were the cries of every animal known to man. Cages lined the sides of the room, full of animals that Bliese told me were waiting to be moved to their home country. As we turned into another room, again cries filled my ears. But this time they were the cries of my fellow man. Arms of every color stretched out through the bars as each man woman and child tried desperately to escape something that they didn't understand. Bliese led me to a tall cylinder at the end of the room. It was at least twenty feet high, and more then thirty feet long. I suspected that was for the larger animal forms. Bliese gently pushed me inside and the doors slide closed.

At last my body seemed to awaken from its numb state. I looked around, and thought about everything that the Jipps had done over the two years, and about the Jipp that I had trusted, and what she had said. And I thought about the fate of the human race, and what would happen to the history of humans. Would anyone else in the galaxy ever remember the human race? Would the Jipps erase our entire story? I didn't know. But I did know one thing. I wasn't sure if anyone could hear me, and if not then maybe Bliese would do it anyway. I looked up at the glowing light slowly growing brighter, and said.

“I'd like to be a tiger.”

Submitted: March 19, 2009

© Copyright 2022 Purplecorgi16. All rights reserved.

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