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I know this is badly done, but i wrote it in about half an hour and haven't edited. Just wondering if this has any potential at all! i'm putting it as flash fiction because I'm not quite sure what else it would be!

Submitted: December 05, 2009

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Submitted: December 05, 2009



 They wait in silence as the hours tick slowly, mockingly, by. The watch on her wrist reads 10:03 in blue glowing letters that project onto the walls, but she's otherwise occupied. Her legs, clothed in baggy jeans, are tucked up against her chest. Her arms hold them there, and her head is buried in her knees, staining the filthy fabric with silent tears.
She knows there's a woman next to her. She can sense her presence. There's an air of despair in the air; of hopelessness, and she doesn't feel like doing anything but crying until her eyes run dry. Maybe, then, it'll be over quickly.
The girl sneezes into the arm of her oversized t-shirt, and her eyes open accidentally. Her surroundings aren't much to see: just the inside of the trunk, dark and hopeless. Cautiously, she turns her head to her left, where she sees the woman sitting next to her. The woman looks to her and despite the darkness, their eyes meet and an unspoken connection runs between them. She looks away, embarrassed. She doesn't know this woman, nor will she ever. It must have been a coincidence, that the two of them had been chosen as victims for such a horrible deed.
She looks back down at her lap and sees it's now past ten-fifteen. There are now less than two hours left until they'll be released from the truck, only to meet a much worse fate. And she can't help but think that there were so many things that have built up inside her, that she's never told anybody, and now she never will.
Like how she's always loved her brother, even though she hasn't seen him for eight years, since she was five, and they'd sworn to be enemies forever. Or how she gave away everything she had for a better life, and when that failed she forced all the blame on everyone around her and she regrets it every second of every day. But no one would listen to her, and still no one will. And she wonders if she'll be at peace even in death.
Her dark eyes, illuminated by the light on her watch, which now reads 10:26, dart back to the woman, who is still sitting there as motionlessly as ever. Her eyes never look quite at the girl, but she knows the woman knows she's watching her. 
A fresh batch of tears fill her eyes and run down her cheeks. And just like that, on the brink of the end, the perfect facade she's been wearing her whole life falls apart. Everything she's been concealing for so long escapes her mouth, some in shouts, some in whispers, and some just babbling nonsense. But it's all coming out now, and the woman doesn't quite know what to say.

But there's nothing to be said, and it's comfortable that way. They both know the driver can't hear anything that's going on. Yet it's satisfying to her, the girl spilling out her deepest, darkest secrets to this unfamiliar woman. She knows she couldn't live while knowing someone knew all this about her, but she won't be alive for long anyway.
And the long seconds turn into minutes, which turns into over an hour before the girl is done spilling out her life story, everything she couldn't bear to even admit to herself. It's now eleven forty-eight, and there's no way out. A silent agreement passes between them - there's no point in trying to escape, because it's useless. There is nothing in the cold, carpeted trunk besides them. There's no way to pick the lock, or jam the door open.
Suddenly, the car lurches to a stop. Though it's ten minutes early, the man is probably preparing. The girl falls silent, her stomach lurching violently. She feels as if she's going to be sick, but she manages to hold it in.
And then, the trunk is popping open and bright sunlight fills the dark space. The girl blinks, disoriented at this abrupt change. She prepares to be yanked out or ordered to move, but then the man is cursing to himself. He pushes the trunk down and goes around the side - probably to retrieve something from his car. The girl glances at the woman, who has a faraway look and a vague hint of a smile on her face.
The woman reaches out and touches the trunk, pushing up on it as quietly as she can. It makes a small creaking sound, and the girl realizes it hadn't been shut properly. She can hear the man, rummaging in his glove compartment for the item he needs.
And then sunlight is smiling down on them again, and she's blinking fiercely as her eyes adjust. She sees the woman beckoning her out of the trunk; the woman is already outside. The girl gets out as quietly as she can. It's a miracle they haven't been seen yet.
But the man seems to be absorbed in his search, and the woman indicates for her to run. She sees they're on the side of a road, near a forest, and just like that she takes off.
The girl's actually a fairly fast runner, despite her delicate frame and lack of muscle, and the man's shouts that are behind her fade slowly away, until she knows she's safe.
Yet she keeps running until her side is cramping painfully and her surroundings are unfamiliar. She stop and looks around her, confused, not seeing the woman.
Then it occurs to her that she hasn't seen, heard, or sensed the woman since she started to run. She has the feeling the woman is alive, but they must have been separated since the beginning, and by now they're probably miles apart. She'll never see this woman again, but someone else alive in the world knows her story, her most private thoughts, and she can't stand that. It gives her an overwhelming feeling of regret, of dread. What she thought would happen for certain she's now evaded. She had prepared herself for no future, and now she was almost wishing that would have happened.
The world around her seems so big, so confusing. There are so little ways to escape, to get back to where she came from. Now she knows that's impossible.
And there are so many ways to die. Tripping on a rock and falling on your head, being bit by a poisonous animal, losing your balance in the stream and getting swept into the dangerous current, falling out of a tree... The possibilities are endless. In fact, now that she weighs the odds, there's a much higher chance of her dying than her getting back to safety. And out here it's hard to distinguish what's an accident and what's on purpose...

The woman, who had a husband, a small child, and another baby on the way, walks wearily through the woods. No matter how impossible it seems, she's determined to escape there alive and won't stop for anything. She has a family, someone to take care of her, and the girl doesn't. She has to find that girl, even if it's the last thing she does. After hearing what she had to say, she knows the girl has nothing.
It had been an impulsive thing, to escape, and it seemed a miracle they had. They couldn't have gotten away just to be lost in the wilderness forever.
She trudges around for another hour or so, only to discover she's been walking in circles for the entire time. But this time, she really looks at her surroundings, and spots something between a couple trees. She can't tell for sure it's anything out of the ordinary, but it catches her eye.
She approaches it slowly and carefully, afraid it's a wild animal.
But it's not. It's a figure, a human, on the ground, and she knows instantly there's no chance of it surviving. There's a deep gash to her head, and her dark hair is coated with blood. Her arms and legs are twisted oddly out of proportion, and her clothes are also red-stained.
It's not until she flips the body over, careful not to mess anything up, that she sees it's the girl. And suddenly, she knows the whole story. She feels horrible, but she knows it's not her fault - it's not anybody's fault - and there's nothing she can do to change it now.
So she runs away, eventually finding her way back to her own, happy family. She knows she ought to report the death, but she can't quite bring herself to do so. And she knows what she did was worth it, even though the girl, whose name she didn't even know, met her fate. But the woman has no time to resent what happened. She never gave up.

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