What's Rightfully Mine-Chapter Two

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Another chapter to the first one!

Submitted: July 08, 2011

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Submitted: July 08, 2011



Chapter Two

After the fourth bell rang,it was time to go to group counseling. Yay. This is the part of the day that I look forward to everyday. A whole bunch of crazy teens talking about how they can't use paint in art class because they got into this junior looney bin sniffing anything that was harmful.

"So,Amanda,why did you have to have that plastic crown?"
"Excuse me? Plastic crown? I guess you don't know what that crown means. Looking at those stretch marks on your arms,you were tubby a year ago and always will be!"

"And that's why you're here,Amanda. Since I'm student behavior monitor,I'm writing you up."

"For what?Telling the truth? I thought we were supposed to voice our opinions."

"Don't worry Amanda. I don't hate you. We can still be friends!"
I smiled sarcasticly.

"Great. We can be BFF's!"

An hour later,I decided to pay a visit to Ms. Shana's dorm room. If she writes me up,that means it'll take even longer for me to get that crown. I knocked softly on the door. She answered it.


"Hey,Shana. Do you mind if I come in?"

"Of course."

She gestuered to the futon placed in the back wall. I sat down,observing her every move.

"So what's up?"

"I just want to get to know you."

Of course I was lying. Playing with people's emotions is what I do best. My last 'boyfriend' actually thought I liked him. I wonder....was it for his brains or for his muscels?

"So how did you get in here,Shana?"

She lowere her head.

"Well... I had one too many drinks one night and ended up crashing into a tree. I got fifteen stiches on my forhead. I haven't had a drink in ten months."

I could see the desperassion in her eyes. I found my target. Then I could only wonder what they had to Jossy.

"Oh. That is just too bad. The only reason why I treated that girl like I did on prom night wasn't because of the crown. It was because she called my mother a-"

I hesitated for dramatic effect.

"Let's not say what she called my mother."

Lying was just too easy for me! I should be an olympic gold medalist.

"Oh,that must have been a horrible experience for you! Trust me,if I could have just one more drink,I would."

"Well I know where to get some. The question is,do you really want it?''


"Then I'll be here tomorrow after classes. But you can't write me up."

"Okay. I promise.

I went back to my. My plane was under way. Now all I needed to do was slip into the janitor closet and get my 'cocktail mix'. The custodian would be off of work by ten;and this school is the worst reform school. It doesn't have cameras around. Lucky me.

At ten o'twenty, I creepd out of my room. Cerfew was at nine,so everyone was asleep. I took the bobi pin out of my hair once the coast was clear. I plunged it into the lock. BINGO. It was open . I went staright to the cleaning supply shelf. The only things I grabbed was three galons of hand sanitizer,and rubbing alcohol. I knew I could always be a bar tender.

The next day three o'clock on the dot,I was on Shana's futon.

"That sure does look good! Do you want some?'
"No thanks. I'm more of a gin and juice type."

All too fast,Shana gulped down the drink.

"I guess I don't remember what alcohol tastes like."

"I bet you don't"

Bye bye Shana.

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