Furtheid's Shadow

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

In the 22nd century, a secret experiment has been released: the real "anthros". It caused such an immense shock in the humans' world that it soon became hatred, and most of the humans wanted genocide as a response to this "threat". So small terrorist organizations (Nazist) gained strength in the popular support and the weakness of governments, being able to become a huge organization called Furtheid (apartheid for furries). As expected, chaos took place as a war between furries and humans.
- WARNING: contains violence and "anthros" -

Table of Contents

ASD in the later years (prologue)

The overview of the story scenario: the origins of the controversial project and how the world reacted to it. it's highly reccomended to read this before the first chapter (land of none). Read Chapter

Land of none

Where the plot begins - meet Eric, one of the survivors from the surprise attack on the Incognito city. Find out a little of his background and the impact on his life of this event, together with his first challenge on this "new world" Read Chapter


After surviving the almost restless persecution of the Furtheid on the survivors of the surprise attack on their hometown, Eric and Brian find themselves absolutely lost on this new town. Will they ever re-establish their lives? Will they ever be happy again? But trouble doesn't allow them to think for too much since the Furtheid is still too close. Read Chapter