Witch Shop

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An eye for a charm,
A tooth for a wand,
And five fingers for a crystal ball.

Submitted: February 20, 2014

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Submitted: February 20, 2014



It said The Crystal Ball on the door. I looked through the window. There were colorful rainbow scarves, gold jewelry, and a shelf of old manuscripts.

Madeleine said, “Let’s look around.”

We opened the door. A little bell sounded, which comforted me.

It was even more interesting inside.

“Wow, look at this, Kate!” Madeleine shouted. She was standing in front of a pole. There was an owl sitting on the pole. It was pure white, with big black eyes. It hooted.

“Maybe we can buy it.” I said. It would be fun to have an owl.

Madeleine grabbed me as she read the price tag.

Price for Rare Ozian Owl

Two Big Toes

“I think it’s a witch shop,” Madeleine said. “You know: An eye for a charm, a tooth for a wand, and five fingers for a crystal ball.”

“I’ve always wanted to visit a witch shop.” I said.

“No. Witch shops don’t let you out until you’ve got something.” She replied. “And if you steal anything, the witch will hunt you down and take out both your eyes.”

“Where is the witch?” I asked.

“She doesn’t come out until you’re ready to buy.”

I looked around. “Maybe…we can buy a wand? I wouldn’t mind losing a tooth.”

“You don’t understand, Kate. Witch things are cursed. Always. You always have to deal with a curse."

I dropped my voice to a whisper. “Let’s steal something, then.”

Madeleine groaned. “But-“

I grabbed two scarves and ran out of the shop.



“I’m going to kill you, Kate.” Madeleine muttered.

“Sh!” I whispered, trembling with fear.

We heard the tapping of heels echo across the floor. “You stole something.” A woman said.

I felt tears run down my cheeks. The witch was coming for us. We were hiding in a dumpster.

“Give it back.” The voice said.

Madeleine whimpered.

The top of the dumpster was opened and we stared into the face of the witch.

“Bad girls.”

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