The Empire and The End of Pisces (Zeuge!!)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A metaphor for the current Empire ( USA), as the Prodigal Star and the cancerous rot within (Zionism) that is slowly chipping away its glory.

The Sphinx represents Light.Also a Cosmic clock ushering in The Age of Aquarius.And the return of the Expected One.

The pen is mightier than the sword.

In late 18th century, a civilization was conceived with the stroke of a pen. This civilization was not virgin on the land but superimposed on a previous civilization as is the norm prevalent in human history. This civilization became a nation of noble intentions. It was to speak justice and sing liberty. Its karma of bloody beginnings was tempered with an admirable conscience. The civilization slowly matured within itself and became a nation.

The nation ushered in a period of great progress in science and technology and its initial wealth was derived from the people committed to its success and individual motivation of those aspiring for higher ideals. The civilization had become a nation committed unto itself. The sky was the limit.

Unprecedented success followed soon and this nation, call it the prodigal star, became a beacon of leadership and influence and wealth. Nothing could go wrong as it no other civilization had the capacity to subjugate or conquer it. It had become the undisputed king of the empires. The best and strongest the world had witnessed in less than three hundred years, a fraction of the time it had taken other empires to consolidate themselves.

The Prodigal Star was not perfect and was willing to be the first one to admit it. This empire had an admirable quality of freedom of speech and expression at the same time poignant self-reflection. It was young and brave full of will and principles.

Time passed.

Other civilizations came and most declined but Prodigal Star survived, not by luck but through subversive deliberate actions to ensure the continuity of the great empire. Some loved the empire, most admired it and all acknowledged its might. It really was the start of self-belief in invincibility akin to the myth of the fall of Atlantis.

Then something happened. The citizens of this blessed nation forgot about their core resource: commitment to the principles of justice and liberty. The yearning of higher ideals in the truest sense was lost in the quest for more power and wealth. Justice and Liberty became words as useless as an unrecognized currency. They became words to symbolize the very opposite of the ideals of the Prodigal Star. Oppression, subversion and subjugation of other civilizations replaced justice, fairness and liberty.

However, the great empire was never in any danger externally. It was simply too clever, too mighty for any enemies to dare challenge it.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The rot started from within like a cancer. The great empire of Prodigal Star became obscenely wealthy and powerful but refused to take any measures to care for its own suffering citizens. The empire spent fortunes either procuring or selling weapons and exporting misery while on its own streets the homeless, starving and institutionally abused increased in numbers.

Its conscience was lost.

Then emerged two minorities: The minority of the oppressed and suffering based on their race or socio-economic status and the minority of the privileged and spoilt based also on their race or socio-economic status. The latter would invoke their “minority” status when it suited their agenda even as they subtly controlled both the economic system (hence oppressing the majority) and totally dominated foreign policy contrary to the interests of the empire. Thus, the empire replaced its greatest asset, conscience, with arrogance. And that’s how the cancer started.

-The end of the age of Pisces-

Submitted: March 13, 2019

© Copyright 2022 Qareem Knight. All rights reserved.

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