It doesn't have a name...let's call it 666 reasons to murder your valentine

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I wrote it valentines day, it doesnt have a title yet...Im not exactly proud of it but...I guess you can tell me what you think...always looking for critisism...

Submitted: February 17, 2007

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Submitted: February 17, 2007



One minute to midnight

My thoughts again wonder

to the gloom of the present

and past I do ponder

From brutal beginings

to the dreams we both dreampt

From our hearts frail with pain

of memories never kept

From the dreary and dreamless nights

We both never slept

I know for the same misery

We did weep

For the lingering presence

In this illusion of your

endless sleep

but within the agony of my soul

A throbbingso unbearable

Though I bare a secret

dark and so terrible....

and its nights like this

I wonder

Can you hear me?

how close...

are you near me?

but dreams of ending

my morbid plans

were not enough

to clean the blood

now staining my hands

I see you still

whenever it rains

I can feel you

limp with hate

lying apon the graves

The tears I have shed

are enough to drown the pain

not even fear can confess

and the shards of my heart

are the stars shining apon

the tomb of our happiness

but lying within the agony of my soul

A throbbing so unbearable

though I bare a secret

dark and so terrible

because I killed you

just to know I was alive

now I wish you could see the shame

aflame in my eyes

Now bitter romance

and your body

ly broken

by the force of beautiful fright

and by the wrath of fragile love

I have murdered you tonight

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