untitled ( another poetic expression of dying love...)

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A reflection of my veiw on the twisted darkness within romance...my usual style...

Submitted: February 27, 2007

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Submitted: February 27, 2007



Here you are imprisoned

Lifeless yet trembling...

your heart as cold as these iron gates...

your body burried in black-

Like the entrance to oblivion

That surrounds our fates


Our sould like this path

that echoes my footfall

(A dream of romance carved within death)

though atleast I know somewhere

you silently rest


Sleeping within my thoughts

and dreams...or decay

I only feared the wrath of your final day


but in this blackness

a single flame still burns brightly

Illuminating the beauty of the past-

and sheltering us from shame

sadly though you do not awake

even by the light of my

tender touch of pain


Now I whisper softly

the only word that kill

Until I hear a scream

so horrid and painfully shrill


and my mind reflects the horrors

my heart has invented

still I cannot escape

as I wait

afraid and tormented


The rose on your coffin

The past dripping from your bleeding mind

the crimson hue

of the lies

we can no longer hide


 locked within this chamber

a stench of dread stains the walls

as shadowy figures wonder

through my mind

and dance silently through the halls...





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