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Numbers are vicious

Submitted: July 05, 2014

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Submitted: July 05, 2014



We all have the weirdo's living in every sort of place and area, I am sure you can think of a few weirdo's in your area; that you are sure need professional help. In my area we have a group of 10 people who think they are literally numbers, they all have given themselves names so one will be '1' and the other '2' and so on, I'm sure you get what I am on about.

They do weird things like they would go round the block and shout out "We are numbers, but we are only up to 10 where are you 11?" and they would do weird dances and listen to weird music and the police have been round many times but they still carry on. These days I wonder why the police still exist; they hardly ever sort out anything.

The public have gotten into fights with one of these numbers who calls himself '5' and he has a bit of a temper on him. Overall I do not think any of them should be outside, children always find them entertaining with their funny weird clothes and the way they go round doing weird things, each of the number call each other by their number.

I guess things got serious when one of them, who called him self '3' was found dead on the street and his injuries show cannibal activity has been done unto him. Now you might think the police would finally react harshly to this gang, but no, they seemed more terrified than preparing to do anything.

The funeral for number 3 had all the rest of the numbers except for number 7 and 8, when rumours heard of this, instantly the two guys who are 7 and 8 were seen as the culprits but to be honest, they're all crazy so it could have been any of them.

Then as time went by and one by one all the other numbers were found dead by cannibalistic activity, except for the two guys who were the numbers 7 and 8, by now it was definitely something to do with the two guys who called themselves 7 and an 8. The police acted as if they knew something about them and were really scared pursuing them, in all honesty 7 and 8 have maybe done the community a favour by taking out their gang of numbers if they had done it.

The police eventually had to act when a well known liked civilian in the neighbour was found murdered by cannibalistic activity and the two guys who were 7 and an 8 were now officially on the run, I know what you're thinking, they should have been on the run or hunted down ages ago; the police genuinely seem really scared of them.

I bumped into the two guys who are 7 and 8, while walking home late from university. I saw number 8, he seemed nice and relaxed but at the same time he seemed upset and like he was being forced to do something he didn't want to do. Then number 7 turned up, he had horrible sharp teeth full stuff between them, his eyes were weirdly shaped and he had stocky build and he was like an animal. Number 7 asked for my name and I answered "john" and then number 7 then spoke "7 8 john" and then I realized something, like the joke why is 6 scared of 7; because 789. Get it, 8 sounds like the word 'ate' and number 7 was coming towards me but then the thank god the police turned up. Number 7 put up a fantastic fight against them and even electricity running through him, he kept on fighting until a bullet ended him. About ten cops were injured fighting number 7, his dead body was to be examined and number 8 has been taken to an insane asylum

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