Mr rain

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Mr rain is very creepy

Submitted: July 07, 2014

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Submitted: July 07, 2014



It was raining like crazy and phrases like 'raining cats and dogs' were being thrown about around Facebook, what can you really do on a really rainy day except stay inside and go on every Internet socialising site that you can find on the web. There were lots of puddles and some crazy people going out onto the heavy rain with little clothing, some people just staring at the rain, with their thoughts and day dreaming moving along with rain water.

I then get a weird email from a person who I have never met before and this persons email address was called '' and he gave me a simple email message saying 'hello' and I instantly thought to my self that it could be a weirdo or some deranged lunatic who preys for his next victim through online.

I replied to his email typing a confused 'hello?' and a moment of silence appeared in the air and then this guy called 'Mr rain' gave another email message to me saying 'how are you in the rain?' and I thought his message was a little weird but I replied saying through email 'I am in my house' to which 'Mr rain' then replied to through email saying 'I know." 'MR rain' didn't message me for another couple of hours, in that time I wondered who he could be, even though it was only through email he had had managed to send a creepy chill up my spine. I started imagining what his voice could sound like but I decided to stop thinking about him. I started to get tired of sitting in the house and really wanted to do something but this rain has made everyone anti-outside but I don't blame them. I started doing some drawing and starrted reading some of my comics but then they ran out, I was back online again. I was on Facebook and 'MRrain' Facebook messaged me saying 'hi'

I swear I have never added anyone as my friend called 'MRrain' and he was being very weird messaging me and saying things like 'your house is very string against rain' and I complimented him, I questioned my self as to why I even reply to his messages and why I don't even block him. So I tried blocking 'MRrain' and he Facebook messaged me again saying 'you can't block rain it swigged and squashes through even the tightest of spaces' and after that I just switched off my computer and jumped on my bed listening to the rain outside.

I was thinking about 'MRrain' and then listening to the hard hitting rain outside, hitting hard on the watery ground and it sounded like as if it was typing. Have you ever heard someone typing really fast on a computer keyboard, well that is what it sounded like when the hard hitting rain kept on hitting the watery ground outside. Straight after realising that, my iPhone tells me I got an email notification and it was 'MRrain' and he messaged through email saying 'hi' and I replied angrily messaging back saying 'who are you?' and 'MRrain' replied emailing me saying 'some call me the rainman'

When he said rainman it made me think of the rapper eminem but other rappers have used this title the rainman. Through online checking I had come to realisation that 'rainman' means Satan, I then get more email messages from 'MRrain' saying 'I am nearly In your house I like you' and I was officially creeped out, Satan likes me. Then leakage started dropping from the ceiling and hitting the floor constantly of my house, again as if it sounded it was typing really fast and it got annoying. I got another email message from 'MRrain' which had said 'I'm in your house now'

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