The colour coding system

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An aeorplanes station has been met with trouble and are trying thier best to get everyone out.

Submitted: July 07, 2014

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Submitted: July 07, 2014



I had broken my arm while on holiday but luckily I had holiday insurance and they were able to treat me and put a plastic cast on my arm. I guess my holiday ended there while my friends partied on getting drunk and going back to the airport on my own, I absolutely hated it. The long crowds and crying children and it just makes me feel claustrophobic; sort of like a reality check back to earth when you come back from your holiday being free and what not.

I got through easily though and there was nothing wrong with my ticket and waiting to board on the plane, everything stopped. The lights went out and everyone muttering what the hell was going on, we could hear screeching noises and for about an hour we all waited in the dark. Lights were being turned on by via the phones, when everything came back on, the assistant manager of the airport came to talk to us all as to what had just happened.

"sorry everyone for what had just happened but there has been an accident with some of our planes, but we do have substitutes to take over the damaged planes. Rests assure no one will be staying over in an airport; everyone will be going to their destination but it will just be slower than usual. We are going to use a colour code system which are red, green, purple and blue and it will be in that exact order as to who goes first" the assistant manager assured us.

I was given blue, so I will be waiting just a bit longer as I will be going last. It was mainly the families with children and old people who got red and were allowed to go on the plane first, Its going to be a long day and I cannot wait to get home. The colours were stamped on our hands and we were not allowed to wash it off until we got to our destination. As I watched when all of the people with the red colour stamped on to their hands boarding the plane, then all of the green stamped people and then the purple stamped found their plane to board on, it was just us blue stamped folk.

I will be honest, it was the worst moment of my life, I hated being here and it seemed like forever till our turn boarding a plane would come about. I joked with myself that I am going to be celebrating my birthday, Christmas and every other celebration in the calendar as we blue stamped people are waiting for a plane to take us to our destination.

Then a homeless man somehow made it into the airport and he was laughing to himself and pointing fingers at us for some reason shouting out loud "oh fools hahahahah" as he was drinking his whiskey bottle. After a while I decided to socialize with this homeless man as I thought it would pass the time.

"So how did you get into this airport through all of the security?" I asked the homeless man

"There is no security anymore in this airport they were the purple stamped people and they boarded the plane how many hours ago may be 2 hours ago" the homeless man told me

I was so surprised and shocked by his answer that I didn't know what to think of it and I replied back to him "wait but were still here, how can the staff go before the customers, isn't that bad customer service?" I asked him and the homeless man just laughed. I decided to check around the airport and after observing for about ten minutes, the airport did definitely look like it was abandoned by all of the airport staff. I tried phoning someone but my phone didn't work and then I finally found a worker at this airport, he worked for the customer service department. He had a plastic cast on his wrist and he was drinking vodka, I went up to him and questioned him as to what is going on; "excuse me when is our plane going to come?" and he looked at me and said "it isn't coming they lied to you lot, except for the other colours they are safe" and I looked at him and he said to me "remember when the lights went out and that weird screeching sound, well this airport had been invaded or attacked by some weird vicious creatures and the airport staff made a deal with them, that they can have the injured on this airport and these creatures agreed and that's why I am here with you lot, I broke my wrist a couple of weeks ago" he explained to me

Then I started observing everyone with a blue stamp on their wrists, they all had some sort of injury, like me and my arm and then the customer service guy looked at the homeless man weirdly and asked him "How did you get into this airport when it is taken over by 'them'?" and the homeless man replied " 'They' let me in as I am suicidal and want to die" the homeless man replied and we both looked at him and I sighed deeply out of fear.

As hours passed, more and more people started to disappear until it was just me, the customer service guy and the homeless man. Don't be surprised if the news doesn’t talk about us, they wouldn't want the world to know about this and about the creatures. I just know my time is coming, who ever these creatures and whatever they want to do with us, I just hope its quick.

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