Hi and Bye

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
The story of amnesia, smart manservants, dumb lords, overdosage, a musical number, jewels!, minor theft, homelessness, instructions, and a very good ending (that's not that good).

I was a bit crazy when I wrote this, reading the whole thing aloud in a Texan and British accent.

Submitted: December 26, 2013

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Submitted: December 26, 2013



He was about to die from an overdose of hiness.
beep beep beep beep......
He woke in despair, what happened? He wasn't just born, was he? No, he felt tall. So what happened?
He left the hospital. He stole a car and drove around town. He decided to go back to his family. But where was his house? Maybe he didn't have one. And suddenly, he managed to crash into a tree. Somehow, he landed in a forest. He walked around, and felt at home. He must have amnesia. Forgot everything that happened before he blacked out.
He put his hand in his pocket, and found a mysterious object. It was a jewel. Dark and it reflected everything around him. Sparks bounced out of it like some sort of magic. He put it back in his pocket and continued walking around.
"What, he's still alive? I thought those Hi's would kill him! Oh well, he doesn't remember a thing, so I guess killing him would be a lot more easier."
Back to the forest...
The man was more than capable of surviving in the forest, but to send a police officer towards him- now that was surprising.
But what a delight did he see in the pocket of the police officer. It was a jewel! And now that he thought about it, that ain't no police uniform. It was...  
"Your highness."
"What? Do you know who I am?"
"You confronted him didn't you?"
"The Lord of the Hi's! We've got to confront him to get your memories back!"
"And who am I?"
"You're the Lord of the Byes!"
And with that settled, they head off for the Lord of the Hi's palace.
"Good. He's coming with his... his... HIS MANSERVANT! He must have told him everything! Now I can't kill him! He'll beat me like always, with that stupid jewel of his. Ah, foolish brother, always better than me! Manservant!"
"Yes, master?"
"Destroy them."
Back to the forest...
"C'mon, I'll teach you how to use your jewel!"
*Burst into song*

So you take this little jewel
Just like painting a mural
Imagine losing grip on a bunch of ropes
Don't be afraid let go!
It's not that hard, moving on
Half the pain of singing this song
Firm grip firm mind firm reality
Never let the magic go, not in eternity!
Keep focus stay steady don't get distracted
Otherwise the scene will be me and you dead!

After moments of intense intensity, the battle starts as the sun rises. Manservant against manservant, Lord against Lord, Hi against Bye!
And all I can say is- Goodbye, Hi's.


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