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Watchman Journal part 2

Israel is not easy to get into if you look like some pro-Palestine peace activist. This is the story of an interrogation.

Submitted: July 16, 2013

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Submitted: July 16, 2013



Sweat watered my pits in the waiting room of the Israeli immigration agency. Oh God, don't let them send me home. When I came out of the airplane an hour before, I was the first to be questioned —- I always am. A long-haired, blue-eyed man is likely to be a peace activist and pro Palestine — not the type of guy they want within their borders. This first interrogation was easy — a few honest answers and a smile and I walked on. I only wished passport control had the same ease.

"Come in sir..." the agent said when I sweat for at least an hour. She led me into a small booth. I sat down and listened. "You can't stay in Israel three months. That we call immigration, no vacation. That we can't allow..." Blood gushed to my head and I could hear my heart beating. The immigration law wasn't that strict before. Now my heart sunk to my toes and — silently — I cried out to God. I had to get into the country — I knew God wanted me to. "When you stay for so long a time you lose your reality at home..." Please God, please, please, please... "Your reality becomes Israel, not Holland. That's why I'm telling you things are going different next time. Here's your visa." Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Though it was inconvenient, I never lost my temper. I knew the importance of these inquiries, even for my own safety. The next long-haired, blue-eyed man might be a terrorist. Israel lives under threat, and without precautions the land would be far from safe — they have no choice but to defend their borders with the highest alert.

The Adonai of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has foreseen this, and gave his people a promise: Terror will be far removed, it will not come near you (Is. 54:14). There will come a time that God deals with Israel's oppressors, and then the borders will be opened to everyone. And we all will say: Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord...

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