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Watchman Journal part 5

Boycott Israel products? Are you sure? Read this first.

Submitted: July 16, 2013

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Submitted: July 16, 2013



Hamas sprays rockets from Gaza into Israel. The West says Israel should give up Judea and Samaria. Why do I name these two facts? Simple. These show that the land for peace ideology is a myth that the world should have busted by now. Instead we propose another boycott of Israel products.

A few blocks from the Jewish market place in Jerusalem you find the small museum of Gush Katif — named after the Jewish Settlements in the Gaza strip. Walking through the entrance hall I saw a timeline presenting pictures of greenhouses filled with trees and fruits, and communities of peaceful Jews celebrating their harvest. Arab violence brought an end to this and led to the deaths of many. The families were attacked and were never safe in their own homes. In a desperate cry for peace Ariel Sharon gave order to clear the Gaza strip and demolish the settlements.* The site became a desolate waste again, as somehow the land needs Jewish hands to flourish. A lot of men and women who devoted their lives to the cultivation of the land now live in refugee camps.

Two weeks ago I visited a settlement in Shiloh in the biblical heartland of Israel — Judea and Samaria, often referred to as the "West Bank". I was welcomed in the home of a pioneer’s family who built up a beautiful farm on the hills. Hills that were dry piles of rock and dust before their arrival. It reminded me of the many scriptures that promise Israel they will build houses and plant vineyards and drink the wine of their labour. The man told heartbreaking stories of Arabs who destroy their trees at Shabbat — when the pioneers honour the Lord with rest. About their friends who were killed in this struggle. About how the world and even their own countrymen are against them and call for a boycott of their products. This is a loving father of three, who wears a gun in order to protect his children against Arab violence. At night, to close their eyes is a leap of faith.

Knowing this, I ponder at the measures taken against products from Judea and Samaria. I can't help but wonder: does anyone really believe this will help the peace progress? In Gaza Israel gave land for peace. Yet they received ten thousand rockets in return — thousands of families now fear for their lives. What would happen if Judea and Samaria were given away? The enemy would be at Israel's doorstep. Everything that's built up will be lost. And this sweet family that worked so hard would lose its home and they would become refugees.

Think, people.


ADD: The pioneers need your help. There's an organization where you can order packages of Israel products from this region. Please visit: and subscribe.


*There has been doubt about the intentions of Ariel Sharon and some presented ideas of corruption. My point, however, stays the same.

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