Watchman journal part 4.

Recent history shows Israel in invincible. How come?

Enough, says the Lord, enough... Keep your hands off my people. When I took my mother to Yad Vashem — the holocaust museum in Jerusalem — it left us both a deep impression. How could Adonai allow this to happen to his beloved? Crossing the corridors with watered eyes, looking at the stacks of corpses and skin-over-boned bodies I realized, some questions will remain unanswered.

One fact, however, is eternal: God promised to safe Israel. And it is a comfort to approach the museum's final display and see the grey haired David Ben-Gurion proclaim the independence of Eretz Israel — the Jewish homeland. It touched my inmost being to hear children sing the beautiful lines of Hatikva. Finally, the dispersion came to an end. 

Enough... God stood up to have compassion on Zion and he assures us that no weapon against Israel will prevail. He will put to shame all those who hate Zion and bring an end to all who oppress them. As Balaam prophesied thousands of years ago, Israel is invincible. But for two-and-a-half thousand years they lost every war and every dispute — millions upon millions were slaughtered. Enough... Since the resettlement of the Jewish state in so-called Palestine there's been no war they have lost — they had victory after victory.

The psychological war against the Jews — Anti-Zionism — is a new tactic of the Arabs to rid themselves of the "Zionist disaster". This new anti-Semitism spreads like the plague — even most academics are infected. But God says Israel will refute every tongue that accuses him. Mark my words: one day every lie and false accusation against Israel will be dismembered. This war — as well as the War of Independence, the Six Day War, the Jom Kippur War and all the others — will be won. Now — after the horrifying Holocaust — the Lord has returned to Zion. And no weapon — physical or cognitive — will ever stand against the invincible son.

Submitted: July 16, 2013

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