The Road Taken

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A poem relating to teenage pregnancy.

Submitted: September 21, 2009

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Submitted: September 21, 2009



The morning after I held my head,

and rolled myself out of bed.

The carelessness of the night before,

would soon be knocking at my door.

A month went by and it never came,

I knew I had myself to blame.

When I told him, he said I must be wrong,

That it would come before too long.

Two months went by, I prayed and waited.

I agonized and anticipated.

Still I knew the mess that I was in,

and morning sickness soon set in.

In the weeks to come I was so torn,

Should this child really be born?

Every arguement was set against it.

Although I fought, my body commenced it.

We were too young to be so grown,

to care for needs other than our own.

I thought of another path to take.

What joy for someone else we'd make.

I had a vision of a couple who would be so glad,

to finally be called Mom and Dad.

His father and I had both agreed,

it was the best of the paths to lead.

Months went by and my body changed.

My emotions stretched in every range.

Deep inside I felt a doubt,

apart of me I'd live without.

Deep inside, he felt it too.

He tried to hide it, but i saw right through.

Our baby continued to grow.

Could we say goodbye?

I didn't know.

It wasn't long before the day arrived.

Deep inside the baby thrived.

He kicked and struggled and fought and twirled,

to get a glimpse of his new world.

He was born and wheeled away,

I didn't have too much to say.

In my room I was sent to rest.

My conscience didn't think that best.

Instead I sat and thought things through,

and the moment that I finally knew,

was the moment when his dad brought him in.

He had my eyes, his nose, and he grinned.

Nothing could ever take the place,

of that moment when I saw his face.

As tears filled in both of our eyes,

we did what was no surprise.

We decided together we'd raise our son.

Of all of the choices we never really thought of this one.

We never thought that in the blink of an eye,

the vision of the glad couple would be he and I.

Looking back now, not a thing I would erase.

I think of this every day when I look into his face.

Nothing in the world is worth trading the joy,

of our beautiful little boy.

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