The Little Butterfly With a dream

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This is about a little butterfly who has a dream read the story and find out what happens .....

Submitted: September 14, 2012

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Submitted: September 14, 2012



The Little Butterfly

Once upon a time there was a little butterfly named penny, Penny loves to sing and dance she was to be famous when she grows up. But everyone is being mean to her, what can she do

Penny was soo sad she decided to fly away from her friends and families,everyone looked and looked to find her but they couldnt OH NO! what has happened to our baby! said Penny's mom she cried and cried and cried... Daddy butterfly told her Who Cares ABOUT THAT LITTLE brat she'll be back

Now, Penny was going west instead of east butterflies arent allowed to go west unless they will die but she headed west anyways... when she finally arrived she said Ah what a lovely day i can sing as much as i like without a soul in the world disturbing me so she sang the whole day.

NOW the gang came they wanted to hurt Penny but Penny had learnt kung fu at school so she beat them up and they never bothered her again

Penny got to live her life peacefully forever.

The end.. 

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