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This is a poem I wrote pertaining to someone I would desire. It is hypothetical, but if given the oppurtunity, it would be thrilling. It is about having a desire and not willing or able to achieve it, but desperately wanting and longing to.

Submitted: May 22, 2008

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Submitted: May 22, 2008



May 20, 2008

If I am your true wish, then I am begging, pleading, please show me while taking me down to my knees. If I am your true wish, then I am silently aching, waiting, please pull me until I scream.

I am animalistic and primal, consumed with deeply instinctive desires. I am seeking you for fulfillment of a plateau that will inevitably soar higher.

Higher then you or I have ever known or flown on any carnal fantasy. You are the only one, I long for, I want you to control, own and dominate me.

You know I truly crave you, you simply can not say no. And even if you try to, your desire will intensify, causing your need and lust to show.

It can not be contained, no matter how hard with diligence you try. Animal instincts, primal desires, conquer and dominate with intense power over the minor challenges of the mind.

I am a predatory feline, because I seek and prey upon only the strong. I am a seductive feline who will wait for my owner, and will hide patiently no matter how long.

And when the moment is right, I will pounce and move in for my kill, It will be you who will consume me, giving me my ultimate thrill.
In return I will devour you, sharing all that you deeply desire, For I am the one you silently seek, to spark the flames of your hidden fire.

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