Blocking Love

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this is one that i am not to sure about

Submitted: January 18, 2009

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Submitted: January 18, 2009



I constructed my walls, my fortress.

With much thought, brick by brick.

Each one carefully placed there.

Each one with such absolute purpose.

This was a life long achievement, a mastery.

Not something constructed over night.

No windows, no doors, just seclusion.

A place for protection of the heart.

The mortor in place to hold each brick.

Ever so tight.

So that no one can enter.

This fortress so securely sealed,

How proud I was of my creation.

With each encounter, with each poor judgement,

The walls grew thicker.

My soul shrank.

The darkness enveloped me, covering me.

In my delusion, I was happy.

Until I could no longer see at all, just darkness.

Then I heard a knock.

Who's at my wall? Who could it be?

Did I even care? Did I even feel?

I am so numb, even to myself.

He stood waiting, waiting patiently.

When I turned around, a simple smile.

Wanting nothing, just a friend.

But why me, I'd ask...What do you see?

In my pain, appeared light.

In my folly, there was hope.

In my sorrow, you brought joy.

So how did you get here? Who let you in?

No one is supposed to be here!

No one is to see my heart, it is hidden.

I am scared! I stand waiting and wondering.

But you wanted nothing of me.

You loved me, without return.

You just cared, without demands.

You were just there, carrying a glimmer of hope.

How could that be, I'd laugh.

And what do you want of me!

Nothing? How so? How can that be?

It can't be me that you want.

A smile, nothing more, was your key.

So how could I not fall in love?

How could I not help my soul?

It cried out for you, How could I not hear?

For I was lost and searching all my life.

I fought the light and lost, my fortress crumbled.

It surrendered to your kindness, I fell into your open arms.

I felt your love swirl around me.

I'm complete.

And then, and only then,

Can I step out from behind my walls and into your arms.

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