14 pieces of advice no one ever gave me

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Submitted: June 16, 2017

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Submitted: June 16, 2017



1. To the girls that want to shave the sides of your hair only to then decide to regrow that shxt; Don't, that process is not what's up.

2. In elementary they tell you that you can be anything you want; Don't believe that shxt, it's a setup for failure

3. You will not be able to do everything, you can always try, trying is good, trying builds character but you will not be good at everything you set out to do and that is okay.

4. It is okay not to be okay, so cry as often as needed. Lose your cool sometimes, its okay.

5. You will get your heartbroken atleast twice or more in your life. Learn from it, build on it.

6. Forgiving is hard, but try not to harbor hate. It harms you way more than the other person.

7. You will make mistakes, it is normal; don't allow anyone to make you feel inadequate about it.

8. After a breakup, sometimes being "just friends" isn't worth the pain. There will be someone after you. If you can't handle it, its ok to walk away.

9. Getting "over it" doesn't happen over night and its actually very hard and timely.

10. If your horn goes out on your car it is a fuse. Do not go looking for a air horn to go inside of your steering wheel.

11. Sex is actually great, sometimes you'll have relations with a mistake. Take it as experience points.

12. A person can be a walking mistake, listen when the warning bells ring.

13. Know when to walk away, even if it breaks your heart. Sometimes staying can break your soul.

14. Love, Life, Faith in God; these are three things you should NEVER give up on. Keep Hope, keep pressing.

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