The Slugs Episode 232

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Submitted: March 14, 2013

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Submitted: March 14, 2013



Episode 232

In Derek’s flat – Ryan and Jasmine’s bedroom – Ryan’s stood by Rosie’s cot; Rosie lays still in her cot and Ryan looks down at her sadly, picking her up; looking at her, sighing sadly

In the Marketplace with Bronwyn walking; Meg’s stood by the Clothes Stall

Meg – Bronwyn!

Bronwyn looks up at Meg, walking over to her

Bronwyn – Hey, Meg, what’s up?

Meg – I just wanted to thank you for yesterday; it was nice of you to do what you did.

Bronwyn – It wasn’t really me; I just stepped in, it’s my Nan you should be thanking!

Meg – It wasn’t just her, Bronwyn.

Meg sighs sadly

Meg – I’m sorry for what happened—You know?

Bronwyn – It’s okay, not many people want to be seen with me; I know that!

Meg – No, I am, Bronwyn; I—I’m really sorry.

Meg smiles at Bronwyn and Bronwyn smiles back; she continues walk along the Marketplace and Meg sighs; smiling slightly

In Lorna’s Kitchen with Lorna sat down at the table; Imane’s making two cups of coffee

Imane – He did WHAT?!

Lorna – Before I went to see Luke; he made me choose between them!

Imane – Seriously; Rory? That doesn’t sound like him!

Lorna – Exactly; that’s what I—

Imane – BUT—

Lorna – Imane, please don’t—

Imane picks up the Two cups of coffee; placing them on each side of the table

Imane – But I can understand why he’s saying it.

Lorna sips her cup of coffee

Imane – You know what Luke did to him; Rory’s been through hell because of him, and now he’s taking his own Sister away from him!

Lorna – No he’s not taking me away from him—!

Imane – It doesn’t seem like that to me; I’m sorry, Lorna.

Lorna – Well if you think that, then why don’t you just go to the café for breakfast like Rory has?

Imane – Lorna—!

Lorna – No, Imane! No; I don’t want to hear what you have to say, if you don’t want or give me a chance what I have or want to say; I don’t want to hear it!

Lorna stands, picking up her cup of coffee; walking into the corridor, exiting and Imane rolls her eyes, sipping her cup of coffee

In Derek’s Living Room with Derek sat down on the sofa reading the newspaper; he’s watching TV and there’s a cup of coffee in front of him on the table, Amanda enters

Amanda – That Baby—!

Derek – What?

Amanda – Rosie; she’s not—She’s not like my Girls.

Derek – She’s got a Disability, Amanda.

Amanda – Oh—Oh, yeah.

Amanda puts her hand on her head as a tear rolls down her cheek; Derek places the Newspaper on the table and he stands, putting his hands on Amanda’s waists

Derek – Don’t cry, babe; I hate it when you cry.

Amanda – I just feel so guilty—I feel so bad for saying that!

Derek – Don’t worry, everyone would say the same about their Daughter—

Amanda – But she’s not MINE, is she? She’s not my Daughter; she’s Jasmine’s; she’s Ryan’s; not mine.

Derek – What you need is a nice, long rest.

Amanda – No, I don’t; I’m fine!

Derek – No, lay down on the sofa.

Amanda – Derek; honestly—

Derek takes his hands away from Amanda’s waists; taking a cover out from under the sofa; stepping to one side

Derek – Go on then; lay down.

Amanda sighs, sitting down on the sofa; taking her shoes off. She lays down on the sofa and Derek places the cover over her; he picks up the remote, turning the TV off

Amanda – No, Derek; you can watch—

Derek – I’ll go to the café.

Amanda – Derek—

Derek – I’m gonna go to work now; if you need anyone shout for Ryan, yeah? If he’s busy; call me; I’ll be right round.

Derek smiles, turning the light off; exiting, closing the door behind him and Amanda sighs sadly, closing her eyes

In Seva’s Dining Room with Seva sat down at the table on his laptop. Aasha enters

Aasha – Guru—

Seva – Not now, Girl; I’m busy!

Aasha – I just wondered if I could do some coursework or whatever on the laptop, and—

Seva – Use your Brother’s.

Aasha – Ranveer doesn’t even have Word on his; I need Word!

Seva sighs, looking at Aasha

Seva – What lesson?

Aasha – History.

Seva stands, smiling

Seva – Excellent! A perfect, intelligent, beautiful young woman for Mahaan!

Aasha – And who said that I’m going to be Mahaan’s “Woman”?

Seva – Me.

Seva exits and Aasha rolls her eyes; sitting down at the table, opening Google Chrome; she looks at the screen in shock

In the Hallways with Derek walking; Rach enters, walking out her flat, closing the door behind her; she turns, seeing Derek and she smirks as he walks past; she walks in the opposite direction as Derek, exiting

In the café with Bronwyn and Eloise sat down opposite each other at a table

Eloise – I’m actually really glad to see you walking around the area again, Bronwyn!

Bronwyn – What?

Eloise – You don’t care, do you? You don’t care if or how many people hate you.

Bronwyn – No, why would I? People have their opinions; they can be right or wrong; it’s not for me to control!

Bronwyn sips her cup of tea

Eloise – You’re strong, Bronwyn, you know that right?

Bronwyn – No I’m not.

Eloise – Yes, you are!

Bronwyn – If that’s true, then would a Strong Person Cut? Would a Strong Person attempt to kill themselves?

Eloise looks at Bronwyn, sighing sadly

Bronwyn – Yeah; that’s what I thought.

Eloise – I’m just trying to—

Bronwyn – I know! I know you’re trying to support me; you have no idea how grateful I am for that, Eloise; you really don’t, but—I’m not strong.

Eloise grabs hold of Bronwyn’s hand with a smile on her face

Eloise – Together, we can fight this; I promise you.

Bronwyn – But what if you leave me like everyone else?

Eloise – I won’t. I’ll be there for you until the end.

Eloise holds Bronwyn’s hand tightly and a tear rolls down Bronwyn’s cheek. Imane and Rory enter; walking over to the till

Imane – And then she just stormed out the Kitchen in a huff!

Rory – She’s changed.

Imane – It’s what love does to you, Rory; I should know!

Rory – Oh, yeah; because your Love Life turned out great, didn’t it?

Imane – I’ll have you know that me and Jordan; WHEN we were together; a proper couple, we really matched well.

Rory – Yeah, until the Affair.

Imane sighs; she sees Eloise and Bronwyn sat down opposite each other at a table

Rory – Look, I shouldn’t have even opened my big gob about Luke—

Imane looks at Rory

Rory – I’ve made you and Lorna argue.

Imane – No, don’t blame yourself, Rory; none of this is your fault, OK?

Imane smiles at Rory

Imane – Now, get me a coffee, would you?

Imane walks over to Bronwyn and Eloise’s table; she looks at Bronwyn

Imane – We need a catch-up, don’t we?

Bronwyn – Imane—

Imane – I’ll speak to you sometime next week, yeah?

Eloise – Imane it’s fine; I’m taking good care of her, aren’t I, Bronwyn?

Eloise smiles at Bronwyn and Bronwyn nods slightly; looking at Imane

Bronwyn – Yeah; Eloise has been great!

Imane – Good!

Eloise stands

Eloise – Do you want another tea, Bronwyn?

Bronwyn – No, thanks!

Eloise picks up the empty cups; walking over to the till nearby Rory. Imane sits down in Eloise’s seat at the table, opposite Bronwyn

Imane – Look, Bronwyn—

Bronwyn – I thought that I’d be over this by now; this—This lie.

Imane looks at Bronwyn sadly

Bronwyn – This lie about “me” stealing my Nan’s money; I thought that I’d expose Tori by now, but—Right now it just seems—

Bronwyn laughs as a tear rolls down her cheek

Bronwyn – Impossible!

Imane – Then we’ll make it possible; me and Eloise; we’ll make it POSSIBLE!

Imane smiles at Bronwyn and Bronwyn smiles back; wiping her tears. Imane stands and walks over to the till where Rory is; he passes her a cup of coffee and picks another up for himself, they exit and Eloise looks back at Bronwyn and Bronwyn smiles at her; Eloise turns back to the person behind the till with a smile on her face

In Derek’s corridor, Rach enters; gently closing the door behind her; she walks into Ryan and Jasmine’s bedroom, where Rosie is laid down, asleep in her cot; Rach walks over to the cot, taking Rosie out of it with a smile on her face

Rach – Hello, Rosie. Hello!

Ryan enters, looking at Rach in shock

Ryan – What do you think you’re doing?

Rach jumps, turning to Ryan

Rach – Ryan—Oh, Ryan; I’m so sorry!

Ryan – What are you doing with Rosie?

Rach – I just wanted to see her because—Y’know?

Ryan – Yeah, I’m sorry.

Rach – She’s beautiful, Ryan. She’s absolutely—Gorgeous.

Ryan – I know.

Rach – I’m sorry that she’s got—Downs Syndrome.

Ryan – Don’t be; it’s nobody’s fault, these things happen.

Rach – This shouldn’t happen to you, Ryan. Rosie; getting Downs Syndrome. Hannah; Dyi—

Ryan – Hannah wasn’t my Daughter though, was she? She was Oliver’s.

Ryan takes Rosie from Rach

Ryan – Close the door on your way out, yeah?

Rach sighs sadly, exiting and there’s a door slam from the corridor and Ryan sighs madly; holding Rosie

In Seva’s Kitchen with Kafi washing up some Plates. Aasha enters

Aasha – Mum—

Kafi – Yes?

Aasha – I’ve got a question.

Kafi – And—? What is it?

Aasha – I was on Dad’s—Guru’s laptop, and—And his emails were open; I didn’t open them and—And he’d received this—This really weird email of a Man. Not alive; a Dead man.

Kafi – What are you talking about, Aasha?

Aasha – The Email—It had a picture of a Dead man.

Kafi – Why would anybody send your Father something like—

Aasha – It was from a man called Kanvar Kapoor.

Kafi freezes, looking up in horror

Aasha – Do you know who he is?

Kafi continues to wash up

Aasha – Mum—Do you know about him? Or—Anything?

Kafi puts the dish cloth down; turning to Aasha

Kafi – No, I don’t. I don’t, and—And neither does your Father.

Aasha – But—But Guru must do, I mean—If he didn’t then where did this—This Kanvar; Kanvar Kapoor get his email from?

Kafi – Your Father doesn’t get involved with men who give his email to others.

Aasha – But where—Where did this Kanvar get Guru’s email from? What does that picture—Mum—What does that picture mean? Where did it come from?

Kafi – I’m not sure, but—But don’t mention the email to your Father, OK?

Aasha – But I want to know—

Kafi – Leave that to me. I’ll tell him that I found it; I don’t want you to take the blame. Do you understand?

Aasha – Yeah.

Aasha smiles slightly at Kafi and she exits, closing the door behind her and Kafi sighs madly

In the Marketplace with Bronwyn walking out the café holding a cup of coffee, entering. Tori enters; walking out the Shop; nudging Bronwyn as she walks past her; Bronwyn spills some of the coffee


Tori turns to Bronwyn

Tori – Oh, I’m sorry; I didn’t quite see you there!

Bronwyn – Don’t joke with me, Tori.

Tori – But it’s true; I honestly didn’t see you! You’re like a Ghost to me.

Bronwyn – Yeah; do you want to know what YOU are to ME?

Tori – Go ahead!

Tori smiles at Bronwyn and Bronwyn points at her

Bronwyn – You—You’re an evil Bitch who cares about NO ONE but herself.

Tori – I care about my Mum!

Bronwyn – Oh, do you? Do you really care about her, Tori? Do you really care about her enough to tell her the truth?

Tori – You really don’t give up, do you? If you shut up about this; if you FINALLY shut up about this situation; months and MONTHS ago, then you wouldn’t be so loopy all the time!

Bronwyn – “Loopy”?

Bronwyn shakes her head, looking at Tori

Bronwyn – No, Tori; “Loopy” isn’t the word. “Truthful” is.

Tori – “Truthful”? Bronwyn, are you on medication or something? Because—I mean, it seems it!

Bronwyn – Why are you doing this to me, Tori? What did I ever do to you for you to do what you’re doing—What you’ve done? What did I ever do?

Tori stares at Bronwyn madly in silence

Bronwyn – Yeah; that’s what I thought.

Bronwyn shoves past Tori, walking along the Marketplace, exiting and Tori watches Bronwyn walking away, madly

In the Dirty Duck Pub crowded with people, with Rory stood at the Bar with a Pint of Beer on the Bar in front of him; Imane enters, walking over to him at the Bar

Imane – You called me?

Rory looks across the Pub; nodding in the direction, sipping his Drink. Imane looks to where Rory was looking and Luke and Lorna are sat down at a table kissing; she rolls her eyes, looking at Rory

Imane – What an idiot!

Rory – Imane—

Imane – Right, do you know what? I’m going to tell her and HIM exactly what I think about this “Romance!”

Imane snatches Rory’s Drink, walking over to Lorna and Luke’s table as they’re kissing

Imane – Lorna—

Lorna and Luke continue kissing and Imane coughs

Imane – LORNA—!

They continue to kiss and Imane rolls her eyes


Imane throws the Drink over Lorna and Luke and they stop kissing; turning to Imane in shock

Imane – Now, that got your attention, didn’t it?

Lorna looks at Imane madly and Imane looks at Lorna, shaking her head

In Seva’s Corridor, Seva enters; gently closing the door behind him. He walks into the Living Room, turning the light on; Kafi is sat down on the sofa with Seva’s laptop open on Seva’s email on the table

Seva – What are you doing awake at this time of night, Kafi?

Kafi – I—

Seva – What do you think you’re doing on my emails?!

Kafi stands; opening an email

Kafi – When Aasha went to bed, I found this on your emails.

Kafi turns the laptop screen to Seva; there’s a picture of a Dead Man with blood pouring from his head and Seva looks at it in horror

Kafi – Giving you flashbacks aswell, is it?

Kafi begins to cry; she wipes her tears away from her face

Kafi – Kanvar—Kanvar Kapoor; I thought we moved—I thought we moved because you never wanted to interfere you again?

Seva – We did.


Seva looks at Kafi

Seva – I—I don’t know.

Kafi – If Aasha finds out about the Kapoor Family; about what happened between us, then I won’t put the blame on my children, my friends, my enemies, the Kapoor Family.


Kafi – The person I’ll blame, Seva; is you.

Kafi exits, closing the door behind her. Seva sits down on the sofa; turning the laptop screen to him, he opens the email, sent by “Kanvar Kapoor” and there’s a picture of someone’s Grave called “Loveen Kapoor” and it says under the picture, “Giving you flashbacks?” and Seva looks up in horror



Seva Baines – Aasha’s Dad

Kafi Baines – Aasha’s Mum

Aasha Baines

Imane – enami

Lorna – tootielootie

Rory – Lorna’s Brother

Bronwyn – Amy’s Friend

Tori – Tribulations

Eloise – Amy’s Friend

Rach – hellokitty273

Ryan – RyanLanbert098

Amanda – Jasmine’s Mum

Derek – Jasmine’s Dad

Meg – pleme

Luke – Alexander’s Son

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