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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

I remember, I wish to forget.

Her. It was Her.
Laughing, twirling as the sunlight drenched her in its warm embrace. Her red dress flared around her and her hair danced as she spun around her smiling blond friend. Dizzy. She collapsed on the soft grass smiling at blondy. She saw me watching and with a cheeky grin said something to me. I couldn't hear her, my head felt heavy. I shook my head attempting to clear it, I tried to talk to her, to join her but I could not move, my body was not my own, my voice was not mine and my mind would not obey. I turned, and, against my screaming protests that this was wrong, that this wasn't how it happened, I walked away.

Summer, the lake glittered in the evening glow, the sky decorated with streaks of pink that would be called fanciful in any painting. Again, she was there, laying on the sand in a loose gray shirt and trousers watching the sun set. A grill still glowed red next to her, a testament to the nights activities and the lone log cabin to the activitys to come. This time I walked closer, no more in control that I had been but still, I wasn't complaining. Exited, the closed I got the more exited I felt, closer... Closer… I can almost touch…no, no, NO. I cant stop, I walked right by, turn, please turn! But I carried on, straight into the cabin until darkness surrounded me. Wrong, This was so wrong.

There, sitting in her favourite big armchair reading her favourite book , long legs dangling over one arm. Delicate white dress draped over her slender form. Her head rolled back to look at me. Smiling eyes. Auburn hair tumbling like water over her shoulder. Bouncing. Shining. her soft, creamy face glowing slightly, the only clue to her condition. I should have seen it then, my beautiful fiancée was glowing. She smiled lazily at me, white teeth appearing and disappearing like a little supernova. She said something. She rolled her head forwards again and I tried to speak, to ask her not to look away, to tell her I needed to see her again. My mouth betrayed me, stuck fast, glued shut. My body walked out of the room as I screamed in protest, I begged to at least take one look over the shoulder, just a glance, PLEASE.

Our wedding day, it was Her, in a white dress that glittered like moonlight on water. Shining auburn hair curled in high style above her head. A small round bump barely visible below her abdomen. Her uncle, unusually smart in a navy blue tuxedo, held her proudly as she walked slowly towards me. Twinkling eyes regarded me with excitement from under the thin vail, flushed cheeks. Soft lips. Music swelling and friends and family dressed in their finest crying and smiling as they watched my beautiful bride-to-be. I turned, I didn't want to turn, I didn't want this to end, I wanted to watch, to marry Her again a thousand times. To never leave this church.

I know what comes next.

"Just married!" The shattered windshield said.

Dead eyes. Tangled hair. Bruised lips. Blood drenched dress still sparkling under the glow of the street lamp.

I woke with a start, frozen and surrounded by darkness. My back was resting against a cold gravestone.

Alice Monroe
1989 - 2012
"We will be together again"

Submitted: November 05, 2014

© Copyright 2021 QueenCho. All rights reserved.

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This is just amazing, I really felt it.
Keep up the good work.

Fri, November 14th, 2014 9:58am


thanks:) that means loads to me

Fri, November 14th, 2014 8:13am

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