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A serious write-up from a kind heart on the issue of our nation

Submitted: April 06, 2013

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Submitted: April 06, 2013



Beloved Country,

What is happening in our days are incomprehensible, they are just what we cannot place in a category in the legendary library of our darling nation.

Today I think of how our nation suffers and our world crumbles around us. Maybe we just don’t see it because our world still carry its elegance of perfectness....only now it is filled with thieves that their mouth  are coated with honey.

Today, I think of how our nation suffered in the hand of those people. This day, as I walk down the lane, to the river which with a bridge that separates you from my world and your world.

Though you have raised me up to a place I can never be without you, yet I think the thought of the thoughtful that haunt the thoughtless.

I sit as I have sat for so many years, thinking of all the things that are happening in our country.

Nothing beats the best, that’s what we were and what we should be. Not a backward stagnant dirty pool of mosquito filled smelling water. Oh! not good for the human health.

We say to build, you say to destroy. Tell me the correlation between the two, fat big protruded belly men. The one who turned his stomach into a bank in which he filled with foods that is now almost destroying the bank, but the only people to go their to pick the money up are not the hunger stricken fellow, but the well-fed happy people.

I tell you beloved country, will a man that have almost been destroyed by hunger and seasons of famine, when he becomes the head of state not try put too many in his pocket?

Tell me dearest nation, will a man who fought, depriving himself of sleep during the night and rest during the day, only because of our freedom, see us go astray and do something? That is why Generals in the army decided to take over the government, and why won’t they? Even if mixed with greed?

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