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A poem of a wicked love.

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013




From my bed tonight

I can see the starlight

As it shine bright

For our love tonight


I think of you every day.

Wondering why I don’t have your love today.

May be you are just a gay.

Or maybe you choose to keep me at bay.


The nightingale sing

To the melody of the song I sing.

Telling of what our love will bring.

If I choose to cling.


Then I heard footsteps in street

I must have swept it neat

Or maybe the goats eat.

Then I must get my knitting kit.


I listened again,

No, nothing to gain

It's some people walking with pain.

Oh, my heart, it's going to rain.


I stood up

And to a gulp

And then I mop

My slippers down to the floor.


As I saw the people passing by

My heart decide to lie

And my brain decides to bid me good bye.

As I pray to die.


The pain ran to my brain

And it found in it a plain

On which my pain

Will be lain

No I cannot

For years I've fought

To see what pain brought

But then I forgot


This is my life

I have to thrive

As I have to survive

Without a knife


No I won't accept

I have wept

And I have felt

Because I have knelt


I took my knife

And knelt beside the hive

And took two life

And again my life


I took the life of my love

Who I look to above

And took it the love which he gave

And took it away and forgave


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