Falling For The Evil

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

-"I am poisoned...I'm falling for him... he's getting my soul, my body, my everything... save me.. I know I will get hurt..."

Table of Contents

Part 1: Hello Seoul

It was a big day, my dream has come true finally, i was in Airport in Seoul, it seemed everyone was busy with his stuffs and packages , o... Read Chapter

Part 2: Where Am I?

I woke up, my head was hurting and i thought for a while it was a dream all what happened until .. -"oh my god! Where am i?!" I asked... Read Chapter

Part 3: I'm Not Yours

These first parts are short and they are the key to undeerstand what will happen later . Read Chapter

Part 4: Where Are My Stuffs

The evening has already came and i was just thinking and trying to believe it's not a dream, i was looking for my phone to call my boyf... Read Chapter

Part 5: How This Will End?

I was still at Yeong or Myeong or whatever his name was, even his hous was heaven but i was dealing with the evil . -"Please, don't l... Read Chapter

Part 6: Living With Mr Arrogant

I entered his house, i was a bit disappointed cause of what he said .. I kept thinking and thinking how to go out of this dilemma,... Read Chapter

Part 7: I Won't Go Out!

The room was beautiful, did he know that i love pink? I took a shower, it was 7 pm, i felt so sleepy because of travelling, i dressed u... Read Chapter

Part 8: Let's Make A Deal!

I went to Yeongi's bedroom after i asked them where was he, i knocked on that glass door but no answer, so i slided it through the righ... Read Chapter

Part 9: Finally Going Out!

I didn't have my dinner, i forgot i was hungry since he kissed me, while i was going out his room going to mine i slapped my face tight... Read Chapter