Book Review: Thirteen Reasons Why

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This is my book review on the book Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

Submitted: April 16, 2014

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Submitted: April 16, 2014



Thirteen Reasons Why Book Review



The book Thirteen Reasons Why is by Jay Asher. In this book Clay Jensen a highschool senior has recieved seven tapes all with Hannah Baker's voice on them. In the tapes (each side number 1-13) Hannah Baker tells about why she commited suicide and who is responsible.

The book to me is a very sad and educational book. It teaches you not to judge automatically and realize some people do take thing to heart. The characters in this story are you typical highschooler besides Hannah and Clay.  Jay Asher to me put out what it's like to be a teenager in this story and it's been recieving positive critizime (so I read).

In the story it does not tell how Hannah commited suicide which to me is okay because it's better to know her story before death and why she did what she did. There's also a map that every one on the tape gets which leads them on a journey in the small town.

My Review over all: The story is so freaking sad but at the end it teachees even the most judgemental person a lesson.

Now if this book was a movie I honestly wouldn't like that because Hollywood changes events and just might put some phony death scene in it for Hannah and cut out the good parts...just my opinion! Now if it does become a movie I would be a tiny bit glad unless I could see what it's all about. I wouldn't cast ultra pretty girl as Hannah..maybe pretty girl but she has to be very outcast looking to me. Well that's all for my book review and please if you see the book read it.

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Ps: rumor has it Selena Gomez will be playing her in an up-coming story but sorry Selena I just don't think she could fit it.

Poster-thirteen-reasons-why-25774781-353 No way to that!!

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