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Lucien Rose has no more family. He's adopted in to a strick family and his only friend s the cat until he meets the neighbor. The house is ownedby four very rich and very handsome men.
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Submitted: April 10, 2014

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Submitted: April 10, 2014



**The adults have no pictures. No hipster parents.**

Lucien Rose (16)


Our Main Character.

He's only 5''7 and weights 99 lbs.

Raven Black hair and green emerald eyes

Looses his family in a fire.


Eddie (Edda) Rose (3)


Lucien's younger sister

He's 3''8 and 4 5lbs

Blue eyes and blonde sun kissed hair

A little tiny boy who get's lost after the fire.


Deb Rose (19)


Lucien and Eddie's older sister

She's 5''9 and 100 lbs

Green eyes and light white blonde hair

She sets the fire on accident.


Timothy Young (17)


Lucien's foster brother

He's 6"1 and weights 139 lbs in muscle

Pale green eyes and red hair

He seems to always be annoyed and looks down on Lucien


Reese Young (16)


Timothy's younger sister

She's 5''6 and weights 103 lbs

Bright brown eyes and dark brown hair.

She's mute and doesn't really know why Lucien is there.


Glorisa Young (42)


Timothy and Reese's mother

She's 5'3 and 92 lbs.

Brown hair and blue eyes.

She's very uptight and relgious.


Humbret Young (44)


The Foster father.

He's 6"3 and 189 lbs

Blonde hair and gray eyes

Very strict and uptight.

* **

Sebastian Nicohlas (21)


The next door neighbor.

He's 6''2 and 130 lbs in muscle

Blonde hair and rainy sky blue eyes

Very happy and upbeat.


Alexander Schvolski (23)


He's Russian and the next door nieghbor

He's 6"3 and 145 lbs in lbs

Black hair and brown eyes.

Very straight forward and smile rarely.


Roger Rembrent (20)

A very British person next door

he's 6"1 and 120 lbs (muscle)

Blue died hair and blue eyes


Rhett du Laqmire (23)


American guy who has a French mother.

He's 6''3 and 156 lbs (muscle)

Dark gray eyes and genetically has dark gray hair

He's very rowdy and country. next door neighbor







(Doll house by Melanie Martinez)



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