Lucille's Secret

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
Lucille Moore only see's her traveling father occasionally. She left with her older cousin. One day he brings along a man and his married sister. Lucille at first is to selfish to share her secrets with this girl until they become friends...

Submitted: April 14, 2014

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Submitted: April 14, 2014




Lucille Moore:

My father raised me well the servants did. He was around but not my whole entire life. He came and went but he provided me with everything in the world. Dresses, dolls,..everything if I asked. But if I asked for him to come home it's just "I'm far too busy Lucille," and he'll leave me. Now I'm sixteen and old enough not to fall for his lies. I'm only 5''6 tiny framed, long black hair, and emerald green eyes with blue a round my pupils. I run the manor while he's gone but usually my cousin George comes to watch over me but the maids,cooks, and butlers only listen to me...even the manor's guards,Sam and Ren.

Early in the afternoon Geoge came this time with a guest a man and his sister. I could tell because the man had blue eyes and so did the girl and the same blonde hair. I crossed my hands over my chest. "George who are they?" George smiled and bowed. I accepted his manners but who are they? "George get up."

He looked at me. "Why aren't we grumpy?"

"Very," I replied. "Who are they?"

The Girl steps forward, her eyes sparkling. "I'm Nora Baxter miss"

I nod at her politely. "Lucille Moore." I looked at the man. "You?"

"Roger Bailey." I raised a brow.

"Aren't you too related?" I stepped closer to him.

The man smiled. "Yes but my sister here is married. Her husband Sir John Baxter is off on a buisness trip so promised to watch over her." I nodded and looked at Nora she looked to young to be getting married.

"Nora how old are you?"

She looks at me as if I slapped her. "Um fifteen miss." I sigh.

"Honestly?" I said. She nods and bites her lip and shakes her head. I watch her look at her brother.

"No," she said. "Fourteen." I looked at the brother who was glaring at me.

"She's too young!" George cleared his throat.

"I'm sure your husband---" The girl began. I stopped her.

"I'm not even engaged." I stare at her brother who's so scared he keeps unding his wrist cuff. "Nora the Irene will show you to your room." Nora follows my Scottish maid up the stairs to the guest room. George turns to talk to his guest. "George." I say sternly. His play full blue eyes look at me.

"Yes Mother," he says.

I'm not in the mood to play. "George may I speak to you in father's study?"

"May you?" He grinned. I huffed and pulled his arm so he could follow. I slam the door behind us. "What crawled up your bloomers?"

"You!" I shouted. "It's worse enough I'm watched by sneaky little maids and you, I don't need some woman hating man and his sister who's married at fourteen!" He raised his head as if he understood.

"My my." He sat down on the sofa. "Cousin Lucille the girl wanted to see you. When word spread out about you trying to break from uncles grip to become a writer and dress maker every woman wanted to talk to you. She just happened to get the opportunity. Now as for the whole husband thing he's in India probally off mingling with the locals." George pulled a book up off the shelf of father's book shelf. I sat next to him and put my head in my hands. I rubbed my forehead pushing the loose hair back. George reached over and tucked some behind my ear. "Lucille you're not cold hearted."

I looked at him and mumbled, "You don't know that." I glared at him. He wasn't smiling any more. His lips where a perfect line.

"I know you," he said."You might think you've changed a whole lot. But truthfully you're still the same little girl." He then smiled when I blew my cheeks up in anger. "See you can't even look angry." I rolled my eyes and stood up.

"George if they are too stay that man is not allowed to boss her around if she next to me." I stare him down. "Understand?"

He nods and walks past me. "What ever you say Your Majesty." I haul a book at him.

"Oh shut up!" He laughs as he dunks and runs out.

* * *

My room is nicely made when Nora comes in. She satnds around for a few second. I ignore her and lay in my bed waiting for her to get in. But yet still she stands dumbfoundly. I finally sit up and look at her. She make eye contact wit h my tire eyes with the candles low dimming light. "Would you like to share my space?" She nods and thanks me quietly as she crawls in the bed. Now Nora doesn't snore she's a mover. her hands go every where and legs kick. I nearly fell out of bed at one pint and my bed is huge! She makes noises like: "No no" and "Go away"...gosh there's so much more. But she does look peacefull even after she's done with all of that. The very next morning I stood up and changed in to my sun dress and blut short dress and sat on the balcony and waited for Tina to come in with my daily tea. When she came I was engrossed in a book. She walked in and took a double take on Nora. "Don't mind her." I waved her over. She poured the tea in and then the sugar.

"Miss." I look at her. "Master George want's you in the guest room." I sigh.

"When?" She looks at me.


* * *

I walk in to George's room. He's on his knees coughing. "Dear God George!" He's shockingly cold when I try to help him up. He's crying too. his face red and body shaking. I help him back in bed and he begins to calm a bit.

"Oh thank goodness it's just you." He's smiling. Smiling! He sit s up slowly. I notice the pile of vomit and then look at him.

"George how long have this been going on dear." He laughs.

"Such sweetness coming out of your mouth." I look at him with strict eyes that wet up. He sighs and loses his smile. "A while. "

"What is a while?"

"Since I was twelve. Mother knew but she never told father. He would've sent me off to those places for the sick. I'm not dying." He blurted the last part out like a lie. I watched him pull the robbes sleeves back up. The room was hot so it began to smell or vomit in the hot sun. "i'm sorry you had to find out this way."

"I'm sorry I wasn't told." I said looking at his shaky fingers. "Would yo like tea up here?" He nods.

"Very much thank you." He coughs in his palm but it sound more like choking sounds followed by inhaling sharply. I stand stupidly watching. Nora wlaks in and see's him.

"I am so sorry!" She dunks her head in shame. I lok at her.

"He doesn't care." I said. George lets her in and they talk the whole day in that room. The girl likes George, I decided. George is a nice person and very entergetic. He can make any one laugh. But why not tell father he was sick? George can hide all of the bad things about him up with a simple gallant little smile but he can't for long.

No one can.

 * * *

Two months later,

Still no sign of father. (Figures). George's healing slowly. He rolls in a wheel chair now and the two guest live with us still. I know it's temporary but I wish for Nora never to leave. She's so sweet to me I never felt such kindness from some one besides George. Nora's hair was cut to should er length. sure her brother had to get use to it but I told him to back off. Nora's body was hers to deal with not his or her husband. Speaking of perverts who marry children her husband had wrote her these darling letters of his trip. He will be staying for another month. Nora isn't sad at all she just keeps on going a long her daily routine.

Read with me, stay in the kitchen and watch them cook, shop for any thin she can afford, pick flowers, and laugh till dusk with George in his bed chambers.  But instead of her laughing as usual today she was crying.

* * *

I was walking down the stairs of the house when I heard the low sounds of sobbing. I walked closer to the noise and leaned to the cupboard door. I opened it quickly and Nora wiped her eyes hard with her palms. "Nora?" I asked coming closer. "Are you alright, dear?" She nodded. I could see when people lie and it was obvious she was lying. I walked closer to her and saw a piece of paper in her hand. "What is that?" She looks at me. "Nora, please...."

"A letter ma'am." I looked at it harder.

"May I look at it?" She gives my a look of sadness. "I won't if you don't want me too." She shakes her head and hands it over to me. I undo the letter and sit on a bucket. I unfold the letter and read it to my self:

Dear Nora,

Hello. I have recently wanted to come back to England but something . . . no some one caught my eyes. I'm sorry but your not wife material. Nora your far to immature and I'm in love with some one else. Her family already bid me good luck in fact she's impregnant now. I'm very sorry but get hold of Father Roger and he whil give you the divorce paprs to sign.

John Baxter,III

I give Nora a sorry look. She doesn't make eye contact. "He's right, I;m clumsy, childish, to playfull, immature..." She burst in tears. "I'm no wife."

"You're not." I said. "You're a child." She looks up at me and dmiles weakly. I stand up and wait for her to so so too. I wrap her in my arms. She lays her head on my child and doesn't even cry. I feal her arms around me. " Nora it's okay to cry but honestly tell me is that man worth it?" She looks up at me and smiles.

"No not at all." I smile back at her.

* * *

As I predicted her brother was infurious not at her but him but all for the wrong reasons. Money was the main problem of course. He tries to talk to Nora about maturing but as I taught her she ignores and pretends to be listening to the music in her head. I visit George a lot in his bed room. He sleeps a lot lately. Should I be worried about him?

The very night after I visited george and tuck the man in I went to bed and Nora crawled in too. "Lucy, she says. I turn to look at her.

"Yes?" She sits up.

"Is Geoge okay?"

"Yes," I say. "He's just lazy."

She leans closer to me. "Lucy so you like my brother."

"He's decent if you don't mind me saing so."

"No not at all," she says looking at me in the eye. The silence is strange and nerve racking. "I don't really love him."

"Who?" I ask.

"My brother. He's been so mean ever since papa died. I don't love him any more." She shakes her head. "Can you loose love for some one?"

"Yes," I said nonchalantly. "I use to but you'll see no matter what it wouldn't help."

"Who?" She said. I cocked a brow.


She leans in more and whispers. "Who did you hate?"

I look at intensely. "My father."


"Well when he would leave me with maids and dolls I thought at first he wanted to get rid of me but as I learned he had better places to be. Better than around me." I look down at my finger nails and bite one to prevent crying. "I sarted to ignore his letter and felt guilty for such a thing. I love my father but I was hating him too no not him his actions. He has a dughter he never hugged me before only hand shakes."

"So that 's why your so..." She shuts her mouth quickly.

"Strict," I say with a smile. "Well Nora dear I have my reasons and their not all that good honestly in my opinion."

She looks at my pillow and picks at the thread in shame, I lift her chin. "Nora let's go to bed."

* * *

Five days later....

George's having seizures, he's very sick now.

Next day: Nora and I company each other more through the days.

That evening: George is very sick still. The doctor has no results for what he has or if  it's contgaious. I wouldn't care if I caught it, George is my only caring family. He's very sick still even after medcine is shoved down his throat and tea. I miss the old George, the play full one. This one is rather sick and weak and barel moves. He looked so young but now he looks ill and old.

That night: Nora stayed by his bed side feeding him and I helped fix his clothes for the next day.

A few hours later: George's still hard and cold. I try to wake him but he just stays the same and his face is pale white and skin hard. He dies there in the bed. Nora screams and cries. I stand there watching him waiting for him to jump up and laugh as I scream and hug me. No he's dead, I said to my self.

* * *

Nora Baxter:

The cold air is followed by rain as I sit on the perch of the house and let the rain go over my face. Lucy comes out and sits next to me. "He died a peacefull death."She said. "In his sleep he. He told me once if you die in you dreams you stay in there for ever. I hope his dreams are sweet and kind for eternity." She smiles looking up at the wet night sky. I look at my ed hands and go closer to her. "I miss him." She begin to cry. I touch her hands and she lays her head on my open palms. I hold her head and hum a song to her as she cries. I kiss the top of her forehead.

"We all keep walking to heaven," I sung. She sniffles.

"Let the angels sing to me," we sing together. "Sing for the souls that lost there way..."

George, I think. I hope you can hear us I your dreams.

* * *

A/N: This story is a hinted romance and very well thought out okay. This is for a contest I entered on Booksie. There's no extra romantic scenes but you can guess it's a very complexlove stroy








© Copyright 2020 QueenJewelNobilty. All rights reserved.

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